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Update Social Media
Well, Aurora has been running for four years, and we've grown to have over 200,000 in-game accounts and 600 Discord accounts.

We created social media accounts (namely Twitter and Facebook) back at the very creation of Aurora... but we haven't used it much. We've made a few attempts over the years, but nothing has really caught on.

That said, we figure after four years, we should make a real attempt at actively taking advantage of social media. We are going to be making some much-needed updates to the accounts over the next week and will start adding content fairly often.

That said, we would like to know what kinds of content you would be interesting in seeing, along with any other ideas you would like to see implemented for our social media.

Let us know here what you think!
Rules & Regulations We need to talk.
It has come to our attention recently that there's a fundamental misunderstanding of what's appropriate within Aurora and what isn't.

While we appreciate diversity in chat, there are topics that just don't fit what we seek to be as a community.

Today, we are introducing some rank changes that have been in discussion for a while. We're making these changes to help create a more welcoming and friendly environment for our players.

Right now, we have an [Operator] rank and a [Moderator] rank, both of which act as staff members on our server. There's long been a sense of confusion about which ranks are supposed to take which roles on the server, so we're looking to clarify that with the following changes.

To start with, we are merging the [Operator] rank with the [Moderator] rank, which means you will no longer see the [Operator] rank in-game.

R.I.P. [Grief Watch]/[Operator] 2013-2016

Next, we are introducing a rank called [Helper]. This rank is a non-staff rank that players can volunteer for. Players with the [Helper] rank will be active community managers- err, community supporters that will have access to a variety of commands such as /mob, /boss, /region, and others which will enable them to help others without acting in any official staff capacity. All server operations such as grief management and player moderating will be handled by [Moderators] and above.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that haven't actually been asked and are being made up on the spot:

Why is this change being made?
The Operator and Moderator ranks were nearly identical in function, leading to confusion about the purpose of each rank and which roles they played on the server. This change will allow us to have one clearly defined "normal" staff rank (Moderator) and one clearly defined "volunteer" rank (Helper) for players.
What will happen to current Operators?
Current Operators will be demoted to Helpers once this change takes place. Operators will be given a chance to apply for Moderator before this change happens.
When will this change take place?
The Operator rank will be permanently removed in approximately two weeks. Current Operators...​
I've made a new set of emojis! Please tell me if you'd like it as the new default or not.

Update: Live!

Updated xenforo to 1.5.7. Should have no noticeable changes.

Please report any problems found. Thanks!

Forum update-update: A tiny tweak to the shoutbox. Feedback appreciated!

Forum update-update-updaterino: Updated some plugins and fixed some off-looking stuff! Also signatures now have a max height of 256px. Enjoy!wubwub
Greetings from the Aurorian staff!

It's been a while since we've made an official update, so we've decided to throw one out there!

Here's a quick summary:

Finally I got my self to update NPCBots! \o/ *fireworks*
Which means you can again make your very own customized NPC, who talks to people.
Unfortunately there is some bug thanks to 1.3, which causes the NPC's to disappear for a split second when someone joins. Also I got reports of clone/dress not working properly due to that.

If this is the first time you heard about NPCBots, and you want to find out how to get one and how they work, check out the original thread here:

Altho, please post your questions and reports to this thread from now on.

the command is /npc
Enjoy! ^^

PS: also accepting feature requests.
(Getting the NPC's to follow their owner is still work in progress.)