Hey guys, Patrik here.

I’m sure many of you know the membership platform called “Patreon”.
Patreon is a way to get support for creating the things we’re already doing/creating (Hosting Aurora/Minecraft ,maintaining our website, implementing and coding new features, moderating and administrating the server.) You guys can throw us a few bucks per month and we use that money to improve our features and make Aurora grow.
Pledging through Patreon will also unlock you Patreon only content! Which is… work in progress 😀 But as soon as we get some patreons we will fast-as-lightning throw goodies at you guys. (I’m sure Gozeta is feeling lonely being our only Patreon. And OH LET ME TELL YOU HOW COOL HE IS FOR BEING ONE)

So yeah, we would really love some monthly support, it would also mean that we can upgrade our dedicated server which runs Terraria and MC, to a beast dedi. (64gb ram, Intel i7 cpu, SSD storage *__*). Which means…. *drumroll* LESS LAG!