Hey guys!

I’m sure you all get frustrated when you’re in midst of a life-or-death PvP duel, you are building but the blocks appear delayed or simply mobs act like they came out of the glitch-y world of the Matrix. Well, thats unfortunately either your shitty connection lack of enough RAM, CPU power, or drive speed on our current dedicated server.
We would like to get rid of that annoying occurrence, and lucky for you, you guys made it possible for us to head for an upgrade, along with Vincent from Frackin Universe! (wooo! big clap for you all!)
Vincent and his community is chipping into the costs, in exchange of giving them a share from the new server.
It was tight, but we are able to upgrade for now. But to make it more solid feel free to toss some unrequired $ to support the cause!

Now here’s for the tech savys’. Currently we were running on 32GB RAM 2133mhz. Hosting our webserver, Terraria, MC. We were kinda hitting the limits on that, so it occasionally caused some issues. The upgrade will get us DOUBLE of that, a heckin’ 64GB RAM 2400mhz! That’s not only double the size, but also quite faster memory speed.

As for CPU, we were running on the good ol’ Xeon D-1520. Which is going to be replaced by the blazing i7-7700K.

Terraria unfortunately doesn’t support multi-core. But As you see the single core performance of the 7700K is DOUBLE of our current CPU. Faster CPU should help the server to sync more easily with the clients. (calculations are faster and more accurately sent between server-client)

As for storage, we had 4TB HDD storage space, which will be replaced with 2 x 450GB SSD. It’s less space, so we will have to get the cleaning ladies Charlotte, Dan, Clay, Newy to make sure we never run out. It might be less storage, but I guess I don’t even have to mention how much faster SSD is compared to HDD… This will be useful for database operations. (HISTORY AND ROLLBACK WILL BE FASTER, STAFF!)


That’s it for now! If you feel like giving us a kick in the butt to grab the upgrade and maintain to pay it, do check out our Patreon! (or the donation site)