Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a popular game that is well known for players who have the interest of playing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). MLBB is a MOBA game that are developed and published by Moonton. The game is specifically design to be played on your mobile phones, although you can still play it on PC by using Android or IOS emulator. This game is similar to other MOBA games such as Dota 2 and League Of Legends.


MLBB have couple of gamemodes available for players. These main gamemodes includes classic, rank, brawl, Vs A.I, custom and survival.

Classic: Classic is one of the main gamemode. In this gamemode it’s 2 team fighting against each other and each team consist of 5 people, players will fight with the choices of going to three different lane (Top, Middle and Bottom). Each lane consist of 3 towers which connects to the base and 3 minions would spawn in each lane. Destroy all of the three towers and your minions would be upgraded. In classic, you will encounter 2 special enemies called The Turtle and Lord. Once you beat The Turtle, your allies would gain extra exp and coins and once you beat the lord, you will get the lord as your ally. There are also various type of monster in the jungle area.

Rank: Rank is similar to classic, but once you win you will get a star. Collect some stars to level up to the next rank. The system in rank would change depending on your rank, if your rank is epic, the system would change to draft pick instead of the normal way to choose your heroes.

Brawl: Brawl is similar to classic, but it only consist of 1 lane. In this gamemode there are no Turtle or Lord available, but instead 4 monsters that would heal you up and let you gain some exp.

Vs A.I: This gamemode is basically classic but instead of other players, you and your team consisiting of other players would be fighting against some bots.

Custom: Custom consist of classic, brawl and draft pick, in which you can control how many players or bots available in 1 team.

Survival: Survival is a gamemode similar to battle royale and there are around 99 players in total. You will be in a team consisting of 3 players, in which you need to balance the team with a physical damage hero, magical damage hero and a tank hero. You’ll inistantly be at your maximum level of your hero, but you won’t have any items with you. Monsters would be everywhere and once you kill them, they would drop various items such as physical item, magical item, movement item, defenses item and a healing item. There are also chest that would you give various battle spell that are useful to eliminate the other team.


There are various unique heroes available for players to buy. Most hero can be bought by battle points or diamonds, Some heroes are available after you purchase any in-game currencies and some heroes can be bought by using hero fragments or lucky gem fragment.

Heroes have their own class with a maximum of 2. These class have their own way of fighting and their own way role to play with their teams.

Tank: Tank are played mostly for team buff and pushing their teams toward victory. Tanks are high in armor, magic resistant and health (depending on their build)

Fighter: Fighters are not only to only fight, but it’s well known for charging, distracting or pushing enemies back to their base. Fighter are good in physical damage with their melee attack or short range attack.

Assassin: Assassin are similar to fighter, but they are well known to have a high damage (either magical or physical) and they are are high in speed. They are known to be dangerous due to them easily flanking someone and farming or stealing the enemy’s farm.

Marksman: Marksman are well known to have a high damage, high critical, high attack speed and long distance. They are known to be deadly in a long range fight, but they are weak in short range due to most marksman having the disadvantage of escaping.

Mage: Mage are high in magical damage. They are deadly due to them having magical damage since some heroes mostly use armor instead of magic resistant, but even if you use magic resistant then mage would still have the advantage of using magical penetration.

Support: Support are well known to be the most annoying class. Every support are different due to them having different disadvantage. Some support are more focused in battle by damage, some are more focused on poking enemy and escaping, some are more focused with healing, some are more focused with giving defenses and some are more focused in crowd controlling.

Most team are needed to have at least 1 tank, 1 fighter or assassin and 1 mage. The other 2 slot could be available for marksman or support, but make sure that having too many heroes with the same class in your team could be a disadvantage.

So if any of you are bored and trying to find a cool game on your mobile phone or are really interested in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, then I suggest you to come and check out the game. It’s a free download game available on google play store.

Reviews on google play store

Downloads: 100 Million

Ratings: 4.4

Graphics: 4.2

Gameplay: 4.2

Controls: 4.1

Size: Around 1.04 GB