As we turn the page on 2018, the new year ahead has proved to be just as exciting, at least in its first month! Aurora is no exception, ushering in 2019 with a bang:


Goddess of the Dawn

The idea of an SSC/Survival server has long been something that Aurora has toyed with, but despite that, we’ve never really deviated from our roots as a primarily Creative server catering towards a strong building community. That will all change this year, as Aurora’s most ambitious project yet is about to be realized.

Goddess of the Dawn – An Aurora Adventure is the spiritual successor of SBP 2.0, and seeks to improve on many aspects of the original RPG you’ve all come to love. Featuring five classes which branch off into fifteen all new advanced classes, each with its own master class, Aurora’s new Adventure server provides a renewed RPG experience for all Terraria enthusiasts, without the need for any mods. Play with your friends, and make new ones as you fight your way up with a wide range of classes and hundreds of custom weapons to choose from. Every class has its own unique identity, making each playthrough an entirely different journey. The next generation Terraria RPG is now in development, so watch this space with anticipation!

Although this project is still in the early planning phase, as the principal developer of Goddess of the Dawn, I will be including brief insights in our monthly newsletter (this is the first edition, by the way!) regarding new additions to the game as we progress.


Discord Developments

Apart from embarking on a new venture in Terarria, our community has observed numerous other developments as well, including improvements to our Discord server.

In the #pokecord channel, you may now find the Pokécord bot, which allows you to live your dream of being a Pokémon Trainer right here on Aurora. Catch Pokémon, or battle other players, just like in the original games that have become quintessential to the gaming world. Use the command p!help in the channel to get started!


In the #gamesrob channel, the GamesROB bot sports several ageless classics such as UNO, Hangman, Connect 4 and more – all of which you can play with anyone else on the server. Use the command `help in the channel to learn more.


January also saw the introduction of a new concept for our building contests – Duos. Builders work together with a partner to create a build for the competition, encouraging teamwork and collaboration in completing build projects! BC-Duos is currently underway, so look out for the results at the end of this week.



Other News

The following individuals have earned these ranks:

Helper: Magic, GamingGod
Moderator: Ice, Lucien
Terraria Designer: controlll, BuyTap
Minecraft Technician: YocksGamer

The Moderator of the Month for the month of January is Ice!

That’s all for January – see you next month! In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy your time on Aurora!