Welcoming Spring – February 2019


The snow melts away, and with February over, things are in full swing for all of us – for many, school and work occupy a good amount of time by now. Regardless, Aurora’s exciting developments don’t stop coming, so here are the highlights of the past month:

Building Contest – Duos

The results of BC-Duos are in, and we’ve got a handful of wonderful builds to tantalize your eyes!

1st place – Maxx & Mia

2nd Place – Lana & controlll

3rd place – Ice & TheBestLimey

Congratulations to all the winners! We’ve certainly seen some unique concepts this time round, thanks to you guys.

Vanity Contest

On top of the Building Contest, the winners of the recent Vanity Contest have also been declared.

1st place – PrinceVegeta

2nd place – Lucien

3rd place (tie) – Karagos the Demon & Throdd

Congratulations to all you fancy pants!

Minecraft Updates

The Minecraft section of Aurora has been upgraded! We now have a 1.13.2 basic Vanilla Survival Server @ mc.aurora-gaming.org:25567 – feel free to join anytime to check it out!

You may have also noticed that the factions server has been taken down for some time now. Fret not, because we’ve got something new for everyone to enjoy. Pixelmon is now available on Aurora, and you can jump right in after installing the mod! To find the mod, head over to https://reforged.gg/ and download the latest (as of now, version 7.0.3 which is what we’ll be running). You can connect with the same IP address factions used to use: mc.aurora-gaming.org!

Goddess of the Dawn – Developer Insights

For this edition of Developer Insights, let’s talk about a couple of core mechanics that drive the upcoming Aurora Adventure Server.


There are 5 Basic classes to choose from, where at a certain level, you may choose between three Advanced classes, making for a total of 15 paths ultimately. Each class will have a unique set of custom weapons, where two will be unlocked with every level up. Every Basic and Advanced class will have its own unique starting area/town, where the class advancement NPCs will reside.

The classes of GotD are designed to provide a unique experience for every player. While every class will be able to reasonably handle most content on its own, no one class will be the best at everything. Each class has its respective advantages and weaknesses, and it’s up to you, the player, to select what you feel fits your playstyle the most. In fact, you’ll likely be finding that it’s actually more efficient to work with other people in your fight against the forces of darkness – as long as each of you use the abilities your respective classes offer you to the utmost.


Killing mobs will grant you experience points, which you can then use to level up (this is done automatically). Every Basic class has 10 ranks, where at the last rank, rank X, you may begin a quest to select an Advanced class, which likewise has 10 ranks.

The leveling system is rather straightforward, and keeps the number of levels in a progression line to a minimum. Although you won’t be leveling up every other hour, this means that you’ll be unlocking a minimum of two custom weapons per level, along with various other abilities and commands here and there, making it even sweeter when you fill that experience bar entirely. Completing Class Advancement Quests will also net you a free base weapon (which can be enchanted into a custom weapon) for the Advanced class you selected, putting you in good stead to slay even more monsters.

Other News

The Moderator of the Month for the month of February is Maxx!

As always, we hope you’re enjoying your time with us on Aurora. We’ll be back next month with more updates!