Fresh site (Yet again!)

Greetings Aurorians!

I’ve been meaning to maintain a blog-like website for Aurora gaming once already in the past, but due to certain circumstances the attempt has failed.
So here we are again, with a fresh skin and no content! πŸ˜€
The idea of this site is to keep people posted of changes, updates and general happenings of Aurora Gaming. I will be going around asking people what they would like to see posted on the site, or what features they would want us to implement. (Surveys incoming!)

Our old forum will be ditched shortly, and we will be using WordPress solely for the purpose of communication.

I would like to ask for your.. uh..

Yes, I am once again asking our regular members to help out with the implementation and the β€œstartup” of our website/blog by using it and showing a bit of activity. By using the new platform, we would encourage new-coming users of doing the same.

With that said, we are also looking for enthusiastic people who would be willing to contribute to the website with content! This means, if you simply feel like trying out blogging, or you have anything you want to share or teach to the fellow community members, don’t hesitate to let us know! All we require is good grammar and a basic level of writing skills.

9th March 2020


  1. stavros kousoulakis
    stavros kousoulakis

    it’s nice an all but, there’s some bugs in the site now, which you need to fix

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