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Update 3.2 | NPCBots!
Greetings Aurorians!

Probably most of you have already heard, but I thought it would be better to make an update thread about our new feature NPCBots!

NPCBots is a server modification - powered by TShock - which allows users to own and fully customize a Terraria NPC!

This works by creating a "fake" Terraria player, which then gets spawned into the world. From there, we can customize every detail that a regular player (or NPC) would have, including chat messages, inventory, armor, and vanity!

~How can I get one?~

There are 5 permission packs for the NPCBots:

Demo Pack:
- [Donator 2]
- Own 1 NPC
- Set custom messages
- Set NPC's armor gear

Basic Pack:
- [Trusted User]
- [Builder][1]
- [Donator 3]
- [Operator]
- Own 2 NPCs
- Set NPC's any attribute
- Use /npc dress to easily customize NPC's gear

Advanced Pack:
- [Builder][2]
- [Donator 4]
- [Retired]
- [VIP]
- Own 3 NPCs
- Use /npc clone command to completely copy your player onto the NPC
- Use /npc talk , to make the NPC talk globally to the server

Pro Pack:
- [Builder][3]
- [Donator 5]
- [Moderator] +NPC mod commands
- Own 5 NPCs
- Use the /npc dress command to copy ANY player's gear
- Use the /npc clone command to copy ANY player's character

Pro Pack+:
- [Donator 69]
- [Administrator] + NPC admin...
As you all know we currently use a public IRC server for server communications without actually having to be ingame. However, now we will be using a much better system called Slack. Now you might be thinking why switch to something new, IRC works perfectly fine? Well IRC may work fine, but Slack is much better and has much more to offer.

Importantly it's our very own slack "server" which allows us full control and tweaking, we're not limited by some IRC operators rules and guidelines. Slack also keeps all of our communication in one place, makes it instantly searchable with no logging bots or bouncers needed, and is available wherever you go whether that be your iPhone, Android, Windows PC, Linux, or Mac.

Slack is the ultimate chat service for the modern day and I hope everyone will love it. :)

On a smaller note we have a new forum style in progress to go along with the upcoming SSC changes, you can view it under the style chooser as Apex.
This is part 2 of our Aurora 3.1 update.

As you can tell by now, Aurora is now in Valentine's mode!

  • We have a new Valentine's Day forum style, which can be selected (or de-selected) with the style chooser at the bottom-left corner.
  • We're still working on fancy banners for the ranks, but it's coming!

  • We've added a new rank known as [Trusted User] (rank name temporary). This rank can be given by higher staff to users that are well-known and trusted. Trusted users can use [/ruler, /suicide, /up, /left, /right, /down, /top, /buff], use water buckets, add quotes, and set their own greeting.
  • We've replaced the broken C3Mod with a broken C3R. Should we actually fix the single issue with C3R, it will work as a replacement for C3Mod, with the ability to (correctly) run CTF, TDM, Duels, and any other gamemode we think of, since C3R comes with the ability to easily make gamemodes. Yay run-on sentences!
  • We've added a new plugin for Grief Watch & staff to "warn" players, even if they aren't online. When you have an active warning, you are placed into the "disabled" group and frozen, so players won't be able to build or use any commands until they read and accept the warning.
  • We've replaced "invincible" Lihzahrd Bricks with Active Stone Blocks, allowing you to use Lihzahrd Brick again. However, blacklisting the active stone block tile broke wiring completely (and we forgot to re-enable Lihzahrd brick), so we're working on fixing that now.
  • And for the most-needed update: a new map! It's a Valentine's Day-themed map, so we hope you enjoy it!
As you can see, Aurora has decided to make the move from IPB to Xenforo forum software!

This change lets us have more control over your forum experience, along with letting us easily make more custom styles for you to choose from.

Here's a few things that you may want to know:
  • All posts, users, and messages have been transferred. However, any username changes you made on the previous forum did NOT transfer; if you wish for a username change, contact a forum admin.
  • There is a profile field called "In-Game Name". It's for exactly what it says: your in-game server name on Terraria. This will make it much easier for us to figure out who you are (especially newer players just making an introduction). In the future, this will be directly linked to your server account, allowing you to connect your server account with your forum account.
  • At the moment, we only have the default trophies from Xenforo. However, soon we'll have custom trophies that you'll just have to earn to find out what they are!
  • Any questions about Xenforo or this transfer can be posted here or PM'd to a staff member. We hope you all enjoy this forum! You can post your suggestions in this thread.
This is not the only update coming! Stick around for more updates!