Terraria A guide on how to get B1

Discussion in 'Builder's Area' started by DarkArtist, Feb 8, 2020.

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  1. DarkArtist

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    May 26, 2019
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    Hey guys, since there has not been a lot of build guides on the forums lately, I decided to make this guide, and it kinda explains everything you need to know about getting b1. Enjoy!

    Part 1: Block Variation and Paint

    Varying which blocks you use throughout your build will make your build much more realistic. This is a very important aspect of building, because you can't just have a house with shingles and just using wood blocks, you need to use different blocks in order to make your build shine!
    Capture 2020-02-08 15_24_27.png
    Here are some blocks you can use if you are currently stumped at the moment. They blend in well and will help you construct your build.

    block variation is godly btw

    Part 2: Hammering Tiles

    The physics of the game of Terraria are kind of weird in a way, but that won't stop you from building whatever you want in-game.

    Let's use a custom oriental roof for example, hammered and unhammered.

    Capture 2020-02-08 18_21_54.png
    Capture 2020-02-08 18_21_37.png
    Do you see the difference in depth being showed in the roof? It's much better to have your roof hammered than unhammered - it really adds shape into your build and will help you out a lot.

    Part 3: General Tips

    • Sketch your ideas! Even if the drawing is made of lines you can still make a diagram of it!
    • Take your time. Rushing will not get you anywhere at all.
    • Practice makes perfect. Build some builds that are not for your b1 application, and you can do it for fun!
    • Consistency is key in all builds, if they're b1 or not.
    Part 4: B1 and non-B1 builds

    Non B1:
    Capture 2020-02-08 15_15_08.png

    Capture 2020-02-08 18_09_24.png
    Part 5: Conclusion
    I'd just like to thank you for reading this. Again, I made it because there aren't a lot of other build guides on the forums, I hope this helped you and goodbye.


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  2. Phantom Dream

    Phantom Dream Black Hole Australis Terraria Helper

    Jan 23, 2017
    what do you think, 5head
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    imo these are some decent tips, but your cloudwork needs to improve a lot for b1 standards
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