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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to Aurora! Compiled here is a list of frequently asked questions related to the Minecraft server, as well as the answers to them. If you've navigated to this page, you should know a bit about the server and how it functions already, but we've covered everything notable in this guide just in case. In addition to this, information regarding the server is available in-game around the world's spawn point in the form of signs - it's highly recommended that you read them to learn more too. As with everything else, this FAQ works hand in hand with the rules, so you are encouraged to read them before proceeding.

    Click here to read Aurora's Community Rules

    What is Aurora Minecraft about?

    Aurora Minecraft consists of 3 unique servers; Minigames, Creative, and Factions. We have an array of minigames, ranging from Tag to Spleef. The Creative server is where you can casually build whatever you wish in creative mode, with large plots available for you to claim. Factions is an all out survival war against other players or working with your friends. This isn’t like any other factions experience though, since every players had the ability to bend the elements, thanks to a plugin inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender!

    Factions Server:

    How do I use these bending powers?

    You can use /bending choose <element> and choose from either air, water, earth or fire. We have detailed guides on each of the elements. For more information refer to this thread

    How do I start up a Faction?

    In factions, you simply do /factions create <faction name>. This does cost money, which you can earn from selling items in survival, or winning minigames and earning some in game currency as a reward.

    How do I claim land for my Faction?

    You can claim land by using /factions claim one, and that will take 1 minecraft chunk for your faction. You need faction money and power to claim more chunks. You can get money for your faction by depositing your own money using /factions money deposit <amount>, and you can earn more power by having more members in your faction. Each member gives you a maximum of 10 power each, and they can lose power every time they die.

    Why doesn't TNT destroy tiles?

    We have had to disable explosions on the factions server due to TNT and certain bending abilities bypassing the factions protection. They still can cause damage however, so they are still useful for clearing out a room full of your enemies!

    Creative Server:

    How do I claim a plot?

    At first, a user can claim a plot by using the command /plot claim whilst standing on an empty plot. As a iser. you can claim a maximum of 3 plots, and you can claim more once you reach the rank of Builder, and later Designer. Further plots may be bought for the price of 3500.

    Who or what is Discord? I keep seeing (Discord) in chat!

    Discord is Aurora's resident chat app which users may use to communicate with the community even while not playing Minecraft on our server. Several areas of the community are based on Discord, and there are various chat channels in which you may discuss things like gaming, art or technology, on top of the general chat.

    Click here to join the party on Discord!

    Minigames Server:

    How do I join a minigame?

    Each minigame has a small booth inside the minigame hub, and they contain signs that list what arenas, gamemodes, etc. are available for you. Simply right click on these signs and they will take you to that minigame.

    Why can’t I move or talk when I first join?

    You need to register your Minecraft account to the server simply by doing /register <password> <confirmpassword>, and the doing /login <password>.

    Am I able to join with a cracked account?

    Yes, it is possible to join Aurora Minecraft with a cracked account.

    What ranks are there to get in Aurora Minecraft?

    [User]: This is the first rank you obtain when you join. You have all the basic commands and features necessary to ensure you have an enjoyable experience on Aurora Minecraft.

    [Trusted User]: The Trusted User rank is obtained by being a loyal and trusted member of the server. This is up to staff discretion to decide who should have this rank. Thus, you should not be asking for it (or any other rank for that matter). Trusted Users have access to setting their home and changing the time, as well as some restricted bending abilities.

    [Donator]: Donator ranks are obtained by donating real money to Aurora in order to support our server costs. There are 6 Donator ranks, each with access to various exclusive commands and permissions. Higher Donator ranks have access to everything the lower ones do. This is further detailed on the Donate page:

    Click here to view the Donator perks or Donate to Aurora

    [Top Voter][2]: The Top Voter 2 rank is granted to users who vote for Aurora and one other affiliated server (Saybrook's Planet or Vindictus) the most each month on the Minecraft Server List. It has access to the same permissions that a Donator 5 has.

    [Top Voter][3]: The Top Voter 3 rank is granted to users who vote for Aurora and both affiliated servers (Saybrook's Planet and Vindictus) the most each month on the Minecraft Server List. It has access to the same permissions that a Donator 69 has.

    [VIP]: The VIP rank is reserved for people chosen by the owner, which are usually personal friends, long-time and/or retired staff.

    [Retired]: The Retired rank is given to former staff members of Aurora.

    [Builder]: The Builder ranks are obtained by applying on the forums. There are 2 Builder ranks (Builder and Designer), each with access to various exclusive commands and permissions related to building. Higher Builder ranks have access to everything the lower ones do. Examples of what you may unlock as a Builder include access to banned tiles or items, or at Designer (the highest level), WorldEdit - a powerful mass block editing tool.

    Click here to view the Builder Application Rules & Format

    Click here to apply to be a Builder

    [Assistant]: The Assistant rank is obtained by applying on the forums. Assistants are trusted with assisting the moderators in staffing duties.

    Click here to view the Assistant Application Rules & Format

    Click here to apply to be an Assistant

    [Moderator]: The Moderator rank is obtained by applying on the forums. They handle griefs and rule enforcement, and like Assistants, can answer most of your questions on the server.

    Click here to view the Moderator Application Rules & Format

    The following ranks cannot be applied for and are only granted to staff members who meet their specific requirements:

    [Administrator]: The Administrator rank is granted to those who exceed expectations in performance at their job as a Moderator. They have access to WorldEdit in addition to Moderator permissions and commands, and fulfill a similar duty with the added responsibilities of tending to the map and guiding the Moderators.

    [Community Manager]: The Community Manager rank is reserved for experienced & trusted staff members with administrative capabilities under their belt. They handle all community-related jobs for Aurora, such as staff applications, writing announcements and guides, and creating community-focused content.

    [Dev]: The Dev rank is reserved for the primary content developers of Aurora Minecraft, Team Ruby. Working closely with the Managers, the Developer codes and implements new content for the server, on top of providing technical support with already existing content.

    [Manager]: The Manager rank is reserved for the server manager. They are in charge of the website, forum, Discord, server databases, and many other server-related jobs, as well as generally presiding over all of the staff in together with the Owner.

    [Owner]: The Owner rank is reserved for the server owner. They are in charge of the rest of the staff and the entire server.

    That concludes our list of questions & answers! If you have further questions, feel free to ask any of our staff members on the forums here, on Discord or in-game. We'd be more than happy to help with your queries! Thank you for taking the time to read this FAQ (which has hopefully answered your questions). Have fun on Aurora!
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