Getting this server prepared for Journey’s End

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    Remember when this server had 30 people active at once? That may very well be the case again when the final update rolls around and people stop by for the new endgame weapons and bosses. I might have a few suggestions, based off of the info we already got:

    -The furniture and block swapping will be a HUGE bonus to builders and architects alike, but I’m worried about how griefers are going to abuse this. Do you guys know anything about if tShock will implement features to prevent this?
    -Ban the new Star Cannon and Celebration MKII. If you thought the Meowmere and Star Wrath were bad, Celebration MKII is the very definition of “flashy”. It’s going to make the server lag if many people are using it at once.
    -add new ways to rank up. At the moment, the two primary ways to get access to more blocks and items are to build crazy good structures or donate. We had a good head start allowing User+ to use Rod of Discord, so why not add a third branch to this leveling up, or allowing EXP to be useful for once? Eh??
    -I miss the greet and leave messages. I loved how people could have their own tag lines and make the server filled with much more personality. Adding this back would be great.
    -and finally, I have a feeling we’ll be adding that “beautiful bullet hell” boss to the banned bosses list, with the Lunar Bosses.

    That is all.
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    Why use EXP for absolutely nothing when you can just get special items with EXP?

    They are also adding a final form of the Terra Blade, stronger than the Meowmere. They should ban that too, including the Star Cannon and MKII(Already mentioned).
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