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Ban Appeals Rules

  • You must use the format below (or at least have all of this information) in your application.
  • You must adequately explain what happened and why it won't happen again.
  • Generally, the staff member who banned you has final say in whether or not you will be unbanned.
  • If your ban appeal is denied for any reason, you must wait at least one week before appealing again. If your ban appeal is denied three times, you will lose the ability to appeal (i.e. you will stay banned).

⚠️Failure to follow any of these rules will result in an immediate denial of your ban appeal.

Ban Appeals Format

Service You Were Banned On: (Discord / Terraria / Minecraft)
Approximate Date/Time Of Ban: (If you don't know when you were banned, give us your best guess.)
Staff Member Who Banned You: (If you don't know, leave blank.)
Reason For Ban: (If you are banned from a game server, use the ban message. If you are banned from Discord, give us your best guess as to why you were banned.)
Why You Should Be Unbanned: (You have to have done something pretty serious to be banned. If you pretend to have done nothing wrong, or just say "plz unban", you will be denied. Acknowledge that you did something wrong (or explain why you were unfairly banned, if you feel that is the case), and give us a reason to believe that you won't do it again if you are unbanned.)