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  1. Luna Eclipse
    Luna Eclipse
    "When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred."
  2. 3raz3r
    yt ads are weird
  3. Armeic
    If you wish to know my will have to find me.....
  4. Cinder
    Been more than a while that I have posted here, so I would like to know the conditions for obtaining trusted user.
  5. Connor McCarney
    Connor McCarney
    Forums be a little dead tho
  6. 3raz3r
  7. Winnowna
    Just starting a new life again in aurora >w>
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  8. Slade
    My Terraria In-Game name is in my Information tab as well as my Minecraft Name if that is needed
  9. Slade
    You ever just feel like you wanna eat a Pop-Tart? Same.
  10. Armeic
    ahh, existing..
  11. Ugly2222
  12. DarkArtist
    boo you stink
  13. Cosmic Annihilator
    Cosmic Annihilator
    Sometime, somewhere, I will return.
  14. Eli V. Ader
    Eli V. Ader
    I am watching. Always.
  15. Delta-5
    If you see somebody on the discord server named Apollyon with the number #1877, then that is me
  16. Armeic
    I see destruction ahead, the pithyfull curse of the dungeon shall soon catch up with us all....
  17. DemonPrancer
  18. Konner Walker
    Konner Walker Flippergod
    I really can't wait to do a cool build with you, if you want to that is
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  19. Flippergod
    yay man, can't believe that we got helper, Slimy. I'll see you soon!
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  20. Richter
    Pretty dead, smh