[1.4] myst's Ranged Bruiser Loadout & Guide

Discussion in 'General' started by Myst, May 21, 2020.

  1. Myst

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    People have been asking about my build, so here it is; I call it my 'shroud' or 'cloud9' build in honor of the Streamer. (Real ones know the name). Didn't put too much into this Intro because it's the details which count. ;3

    The Build:
    Weapons - [Unreal] Sniper Rifle & [Unreal] S.D.M.G.
    Armor - [Quick] Vortex Helmet, [Quick] Vortex Breastplate, & [Quick] Vortex Leggings
    Accessories - [Menacing] Charm of Myths, [Menacing] Worm Scarf, [Menacing] Destroyer Emblem, [Menacing] Ranger Emblem, [Menacing] Sniper Scope, & [Menacing] Nebula Mantle
    Buffs - Gingerbread Cookie, Regeneration Potion, Swiftness Potion, Ironskin Potion, Featherfall Potion, Lifeforce Potion, Endurance Potion, Rage Potion, & Wrath Potion
    Misc. - Slimy Saddle & Bat Hook

    To put it short, I strike w/ Sniper Rifle doing typically ~400 DMG given Buffs. Use S.D.M.G. for escape weapon. If an escape is not needed I strike and/or double-tap w/ SR for max DPS. Just Double-Tap, ez game.

    Lastly, if you die - I bind M5 to Quick Buff & M4 to Quick Heal for max macro-efficiency.

    But most importantly, use a build that works for you. If you die w/ this kit, just admit that sniping is maybe not your thing. It's perfectly fine. I struggled for years Rifling in CS, but put an AWP in my hands and it's an automatic loss for the enemy team. Build consistency, adapt, etc. Ya dig?

    Aight now have fun, cya in the Arena~ <3
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  2. DarkArtist

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    Nice setup, I would replace the Vortex Breastplate with the Red Riding Dress because it does a lot more ranged damage and critical strike chance (I think). And you could keep the Vortex Breastplate in your Social slots so you can swap to it every time you need to go invisible.
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  3. Eve

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    Lunar hook is better than bat hook now, gelatinous pillion is an upgraded slimy saddle, replace respectively for maximum efficiency. Sniper is much better with the ruthless modifier, as it increases the damage. Replace destroyer emblem with avenger emblem (Critical hit does nothing in pvp.), and replace sniper scope with celestial shell if you can deal with the loss of vision (Just switch to sniper and scope to get a vague idea of where the players are.) Celestial starboard is a direct upgrade to the nebula/vortex wings, use solar/stardust if you require more diagonal flight. Charm of myths can be replaced with frozen shield for knockback resistance+tankiness (Really dont need the less pot cd if you'll just die anyway.) Finally, the quick modifier is practically useless and doesnt provide a noticable difference, so if you must reforge armour (Ew), use menacing as warding is also a relatively useless modifier. And just as DarkArtist said before, replace Vortex Breastplate with Red Riding Dress and for my add on; use one of the Shroomite masks with the respective ammo type for maximum raw damage.
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  4. AdamtheNoob

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    May 28, 2016
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    I think unreal's 10% increased attack speed and 10% velocity are worth more than +3% damage from converting to ruthless
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