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Discussion in 'Updates' started by Hayley, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! ^^; We've got yet another update to share:

    As with all other major aspects of Aurora, we frequently check back and refine the Builder ranks and the concept behind them, and we've decided to implement a couple new changes starting today. But before we jump right into it, we'd like to highlight a couple of observations that the staff as a whole have agreed on.

    The first is that the evaluation the quality of builds required to attain the Builder ranks is rather arbitrary and sometimes, applications of questionable standards may still pass due to various reasons, indirectly contributing to the second issue detailed below. Whether by asking friends to vote for you or simply being a likable person, the voting results may sometimes be biased or even manipulated. That is however peripheral to the main issue at hand - that the current system may not give a good gauge as to what a good build really is.

    Secondly, the Builder ranks have, over time, lost some of its original meaning and prestige. Our vision for the Builder ranks is that they should be something a user who attains them be proud of, and be inspired to build things for the server as their work represents Aurora. Contrary to this, the rank may sometimes feel less special than it really is, as it simply becomes a goal to obtain Builder 1 and display it, instead of constantly working on improvement to progress. This may be attributed in part to the naming of the ranks (Builder 1, Builder 2, Builder 3) which feels very linear and mechanical, and is something we hope to address.

    Hence, we've chosen to make the following changes to the Builder ranks:

    • Only Trusted Users, VIPs, Staff and of course existing Builders may vote on Builder Applications. They now require at least 70% of the poll in favor of them to be accepted, tallied after a week, or possibly accepted earlier should they have overwhelmingly positive results.
    • We will be demoting all current Builder 1 users. All users in this category are welcome to reapply with the same builds, but this is necessary in order to maintain the consistency of quality of builds that we hope to achieve.
    • Builder 1, Builder 2 and Builder 3 will be renamed to Builder, Designer and Architect respectively.
    With these changes, we hope to tackle the issues presented to us regarding the Builder ranks. However, we are aware that the environment that is Aurora is constantly changing, and we will continue to look out and observe if further changes to the Builder system are required.

    To all the Builders who have actively contributed to Aurora's artistic development, thank you very much! We hope that you will continue to support Aurora with your work in time to come, and to help us in this restructuring of the system.
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  2. MO

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    I find this change to be quite well thought through.

    I have always found the voting of buildings to be a highly subjective topic whose criteria were always ambiguous and seemed to be set by the suer currently voting. Something that I absolutely agree with is the fact that the prestige of "Buildership" needs to be restored. And if it will be done by revamping the system and changing those allowed to vote, then I welcome it. I do hope that the future Builder 1's, now Builders, will have obtained their rank out of skill and good craftsmanship and not purely out of social sway and support base (Exception being those who have rightly earned their badge, so to speak).

    I still feel that there needs to be some form of guidelines for builds that make it easier to vote upon (Citing the subjectiveness of voting in general).

    Otherwise I find it somewhat regrettable that all Builder 1's will have to lose their rank (temporarily if their skill proves to be sufficient), but it is a necessary evil.
    Enough of me ranting.
  3. Wortal

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    Feb 18, 2015
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    I feel motivated.
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  4. grimdarkAquarian

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    Man, has Aurora changed a lot since I was first here!
    The first change I agree with. Usually, someone with the rank/ranks stated above will have had some experience in these applications, so they can't be manipulated as easily.
    The second one seemed a bit harsh, until I read the part where they could reapply their used builds. It's good to see that Auroran staff aren't evil.
    For the third one, are y'all planning something else for those ranks? :p
    That's all i have to say.
  5. LEGO

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    Bam, now I'm called a designer holy sheet
    I personally like this, I may have just barely gotten through as a B2 and it's probably unfair that I have this rank, but having meaningful votes from the community means so much more. In the past I've full heartedly thought of what is fair when it comes to votes, and I don't care who the person is.

    In the end I am ecstatic about this change and I completely agree and will support this change.
    Now only if I had a non-sajt computer so I can work toward architect...

  6. Taehyung

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    Jun 12, 2016
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    This means getting the builder rank will be more challenging.
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