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    When I joined the server and later became a helper, knowing the commands was difficult because there wasn't a real list on the forums or anywhere else. Hopefully this can be a kind of reference point for helpers/users in the future.

    Another thing, helpers can break any block in any region. Some commands (like /rn) require you to break a block once, I'd recommend using a copper pickaxe since faster pickaxes can mess things up.


    Variables (how to read the grammar sheet):

    any integer positive or negative​
    any integer 0 or more.​
    any integer, 1 or more.​
    Online player's username. If username contains a space or is an integer value between 0 and the number of the players on the server, surround it in quotes. Doesn't have to be the full username.​
    same as user, but the full username is needed and the player doesn't have to be online.​
    The name of a group of players. (I don't know the constraints on group names)​
    a user created password. No spaces is best.​
    a string of letters/numbers. No spaces or capital letters allowed.​
    a string of letters/numbers. No spaces allowed unless enclosed in quotes.​
    a string of values. Can pretty much be any text.​
    (thing to do)
    anything in parentheses is something you should do after calling the command.​
    any value not enclosed by <> or (). Should be copied directly.​
    if values are separated by a "|" symbol, use only one of the values​
    if a value is followed by a * symbol, it is optional.​

    /login <user> <pw>
    logs you in using specific username. Good for alts.​
    /login <pw>
    logs you in using your username.​
    logs you out.​
    /password <pw> <pw>
    changes your password. Must be logged in. First argument is the old password, second is the new.​
    /register <pw>
    Registers your in game account​
    Gets detailed user stats for various time intervals. Also reveals the user's account name (useful for allowing people in regions)​
    gets your current xp​

    REGION: (Helper+ required)
    /r1 (hit block/use ice rod)
    /r2 (hit block/use ice rod)
    Sets the two corners of a region (should be opposite corners). Used to create a new region when used with /rd.​
    /region define <rName>
    /rd <rName>
    Defines the name of a region (after /r1 and /r2).​
    /region clear
    Cancels points for the r1 & r2 commands (if you've set them already).​
    /setregion <rName>
    /sr <rName>
    allows a region to be created using the grand perspective. Alternate to the /r1 & /r2 & /rd command.​
    /region delete <rName>
    /rdel <rName>
    Deletes specific region.​
    /region name (hit block/use ice rod)
    /rn (hit block/use ice rod)
    gets the name of the region whose block you hit​
    /getregion <user>
    gets the name of the region that a user is currently in.​
    Toggles seeing regions on/off.​
    Toggles notifying you if you enter a region.​
    /region list <+>*
    lists existing regions. Argument is page number.​
    /region resize <rName> u|d|l|r <#>
    Allows resizing of regions in the up(u), down(d), left(l), or right(r) direction. Size can be decreased by making the number negative.​
    /region allow|remove <username> <rName>
    Allows or disallows players to build in a specific region.​
    /allow <user>
    allows a user to modify blocks in the current region.​
    /region allowg|removeg <group> <rName>
    Allows or disallows specific groups of players to build in a region​
    /region info <rName>
    Gets information about a specific region​
    /region protect <regionName> true|false
    Sets whether the blocks should be protected in the region area.​
    /region z <rName> <*>
    Sets the priority of a region (think layers in photoshop). Higher z value means more priority. Only matters on overlapping regions. Region default z value is 0.​
    /region tp <rName>
    Teleports you to specific region.​
    /regionview <rName>
    Allows you to see a specific region. (use /rvn instead)​

    /give <name> <user> <+> <name>
    Gives item to another user. First argument is the item name, second is receiving user, third is number of items, fourth is prefix.​
    /i <name> <+> <name>
    /item <name> <+> <name>
    Gives item to you. first argument is the name, second is number of items, third is prefix.​
    provides the items needed to go from a newly created character to a post-moonlord character.​
    /armor ranged|magic|melee|summoner
    gives one of the 4 moon lord armor sets​
    gives you everything needed to create a computer in terraria. That was a joke. Don't do that. It lags the server and logic gates are frequently disabled because of this.​
    /more all*
    Fills up whatever item you have in your active slot. if "all" is used, all items in your inventory are filled except for money.​

    HOMES (special teleportation):

    /sethome <name>
    Sets your current location as a home with a specific name (can be teleported to later).​
    /home <name>*
    teleports you to a home with a specific name. if no name is given, teleports you to your spawn.​
    lists the homes that you have set.​
    /delhome <name>
    deletes a home.​

    /tp <user>
    teleports you to a player​
    /tp <*>
    teleports you to the n'th person on the server (see /who to get a list) starting at 0.​
    /tp <user> <user>
    Helper+ required
    teleports one player to another player​
    /tphere <user>
    Helper+ required
    teleports player to you.​
    /tpnpc <name>
    teleports you to a npc.​
    /pos <user>*
    gets your current position. argument can be any user. Gets around people with /tpallow toggled off.​
    /tppos <tile x> <tile y>
    (0,0) is in the top left corner of the map. does not coincide with any ingame coordinate system. Use /pos to use this.​
    toggles the ability for users to teleport to you​
    teleports you to the arena​
    teleports you to server spawn​
    teleports you as high as possible (not all the way)​
    /down <#>
    /up <#>
    /left <#>
    /right <#>
    teleports you down/up/left/right a certain number of times. Note that negative values will still interpreted as positive.​
    /warp <name>
    warps you to a location.​
    /warp list
    gets a list of possible warp locations​

    /buff <name> <+>*
    Helper+ required
    gives any buff (or debuff) to yourself for a specific amount of time (default is 60 seconds). Max value is 32767seconds (~9 hours). Buff id values can be found on the gamepedia wiki.​
    /permabuff <name>
    Helper+ required
    Toggles a potion buff to yourself forever (the buff time updates continuously). Note that not all buffs are usable. Higher ranks can use more buffs.​
    Helper+ required
    Deactivates all permabuffs.​
    Adds combat buffs. Some are not useful for pvp. Getting potions and using /more all is better for pvp.​

    /heal <user>*
    heals you by default, or heals a specific user. Can't be used in pvp.​
    toggles the ability to use warp plates (cool kids version of teleporters).​
    /rain slime* stop|start
    Helper+ required
    stops/starts rain and slime rain events.​
    /clear item|npc|projectile <radius>*
    Helper+ required
    clears an item/npc/projectile within a specific radius (npc = monster). Shorter versions are /ci, /bn, and /cp respectively. (/bn is for npc's. No idea why it's weird).​
    Summons a helper/mod to protect your build​
    toggles builder mode. Removes biome backgrounds (making things brighter), provides builder buffs, and makes mobs not appear to exist. Also you can't die​
    Reports an area as having been griefed (not short for region).​

    /me <message>
    Sends a message in orange text with astrix around it. I think it's a message in the third person?​
    /party <message>
    /p <message>
    Sends a message to your "party". Party actually means team color (the shields under the pvp swords in your inventory).​
    /whisper <user> <message>
    /w <user> <message>
    /tell <user> <message>
    Sends a private message to a special user <3.​
    /reply <message>
    /r <message>
    Replies to the last person that you communicated with privately. This means that you only need to use the /whisper command for the initial message.​

    Gives you a sword that shoots ghosts.​
    gives you a sword that shoots...magic?​
    Gives you a harp that shoots bullets​

    lists forbidden items on the server. Items are banned based on lag/annoyance/griefing capabilities.​
    gives link to vote page​
    Time since last server reset.​
    gets the aurora website.​
    ??? Appears to just show a message saying to look at the rules.​
    Shows the basic rules of Aurora.​
    says who is online​
    /ranks <rName>
    gives information about a specific rank.​
    lists other users in your ranking group that are online (I think)​
    /userstats <user>
    /lo <username>
    Gets time online (that's not a typo, it is "lo" instead of "ol")​


    Note: all of these appear to have a 30 second cooldown that is shared between commands.
    /poke <user>
    brutally injure someone with 1 damage. 30 second cooldown.​
    /hug <user>
    Briefly immobilize someone with your arms.​
    /lick <user>
    Curses others to drip with saliva for 60 seconds.​
    Forcefully connect your face with your fingers​
    Quickly inspect your keyboard​
    Carefully inspect the textbook you should be reading.​
    Abandon this world to become a tree.​
    Abandon this world to enter the hogwarts express.​
    Abandon this world for the real world​

    SUMMON: (Helper+ required)

    /boss <name> <+>*
    Summons a specific boss a certain amount of times. Note, there is a mob cap of 200 on any terraria server.​
    /mob <name> <+>*
    Summons a specific mob a certain amount of times. Note, there is a mob cap of 200 on any terraria server.​

    DIEMOB: (Helper+ required)
    /dm is a shorter version of /diemob
    Posesses all mobs in regions like a ghost. (default makes them disappear/die)
    /diemob add|del <rName>
    Adds/removes a region on the list of mob-proof regions.​
    /diemob list <+>*
    lists regions where mobs become posessed. Argument is page number.​
    /diemob reload
    reloads the .json file with the list of regions. Don't do this unless your current region isn't working after adding/deleting it from the list, and if so don't do it very much.​
    /diemob mod <rName> type kill|repel|passive
    Kill vaporizes mobs
    Repel sends them away (they run when they enter the area)
    Passive makes mobs not attack (their movement & contact damage is unchanged).​
    /diemob mod <rName> affectfriendlynpcs true|false
    Checks whether npcs are affected by the possession. default is false.​
    /diemob mod <rName> affectstatuespawns true|false
    Checks whether statue-spawned npcs are affected by the possession. default is false.​
    /diemob mod <rName> replacemobs add <+> <+>
    Replaces mobs in the area. First argument is the initial mob, second argument is what it should be converted to. Use the wiki to find specific mob id's. There doesn't appear to be a list command to see what you've added so be careful.​
    /diemob mod <rName> replacemobs del <+>
    Stops replacing the specific mob. The argument is the initial mob that would be changed.​

    /chest claim|unclaim (open chest)
    Binds chest access rights to your user account​
    /chest info (open chest)
    gets information about a chest​
    /chest allow|remove <username> (open chest)
    allows/removes user's access rights to a chest.​
    /chest allowgroup|removegroup <groupname> (open chest)
    allows/removes group's access rights to a chest.​
    /chest public (open chest)
    toggles a chest as public/private.​
    /chest cancel
    cancels whatever chest command you have if you haven't "opened a chest" yet.​

    command line uno :p
    /uno start|join
    allows you to start/join a game of uno​
    /play <name> <name>*
    plays a specific card. Second argument is color (this is redundant as the card name includes the color)​
    Draws a card​
    Passes the turn Must draw a card before passing.​
    Not on help sheet. likely lets you count how many cards you have left.​
    Not on help sheet. likely shows current cards.​
    lets you see the stats of an ongoing game of uno​
    views your uno stats as a whole.​

    /history (hit block/use ice rod once)
    /h (hit block/use ice rod once)
    Helper+ required
    Gets the history of the block you hit/use the ice rod on. Good for finding out who owns a build (or grief).​
    Allows you to claim your soul (near your name tag) if you voted for the server.​
    fancy way to toggle pvp​
    replaces item in your hand (that's making you stuck) with the first slot in your inventory (left to right, top to bottom). Note that the replaced item will lose it's prefix.​
    /iw <action> <data>
    /icewand <action> <data>*
    Helper+ required
    Direct copy from the help page. No idea what it does.
    edit: changes what the icewand does.
    Known actions (replace <action> parameter):
    off - disables the icewand changes (makes it normal again)
    water - icewand places water
    lava - icewand places lava​

    /aliases <name>
    Gets the aliases for command names (i.e. /whisper = /w = /tell). Useful for one-letter commands. Doesn't have everything though.​
    /help <#>*
    Gets list of commands. Optional argument is the page number. Note that almost any command followed by the word "help" will give you the parameter list. This is also how this list was made.​

    UNKNOWN/DEPRECIATED : :bigfrown:
    Depreciated. Does nothing.​
    Does nothing. appears to be depreciated​
    Helper+ required
    Switch help text. No idea what this does. Utilizes the /find command.
    I think these are world edit commands?​
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    thank you for this comprehensive guide. he serves me very well right now.:p
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    Props to you man for giving this guide for new helpers. I see this being really helpful.

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