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    I suppose one has to start their quest somewhere...
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    "Huh, maybe joining Plasma wouldn't be a bad idea?"
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    >Vivian thinks, "I should go to the adventurer's shop. I'm new to this sort of thing anyways, so having a chat with a seasoned explorer would prove beneficial."

    [Head to the adventurer's shop]
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    Vei talks with locals.
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    I leave the plaza, clacking with the rhythm of my steps, humming to the beat of the clacks.

    i've been working the railroad....


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    I take this option, in hopes of getting more fun talking to other Ilmigs.
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    (Bored atm... let's just get this going...)
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    Name: Wolpertinger
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cyndig
    Basic Character: A slightly taller than average cyndig with ashy white scales.
    Starter Weapon: Roman Cestus.
    Points Assigned:
    [ VITALITY ]
    [ DEXTERITY ] 1
    [ STRENGTH ] 3
    [ CHARISMA ] 5
    [ INTELLECT ] 3
    [ WIT ] 2
    [ PERCEPTION ] 3

    Town Location:
    West Rigmore, Centerfude
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    Let's do this, LEEROY JENKENS!
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  12. Bismuth

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    Day 1 (Act 2)

    The park outside of the plaza, labelled Paradise, fit its name pretty well.

    In the center of the park was a fountain with a dome at the bottom to contain a pool with vibrant flowers around it. Water circumvented from the top to splash at the bottom. Some of the water from the base of the fountain flowed into underground canals, visibly shown from above with glass panes before they vanished underneath the walls guarding the park. Extending a hand would've revealed that the liquid was burning hot. Steam was given off from the fountain to make a light mist float in the sky as if inside an artificially made spa.

    These details did not immediately grab either of them, as their attention was directed towards a smuggling currently happening between a hooded figure and an elderly woman, in which the mysteriously robbed person was trying to grab her purse. The woman desperately called for help as this event transpired.

    Joe's heroic instincts kicked in as he jumped into the fight for the rescue, bringing out his clackers. With a single swing, he wrapped them around the hooded figure's neck and pulled hard to choke. The hooded person stared at him judgmentally, and the woman momentarily stopped screaming. The clackers snapped in half from the hooded person tugging on the string hard. Bluu lunged at the hooded, his superior strength helping his dual swords stab straight into the hooded figure's back. The hooded figure then disappeared in a puff of smoke, swords still in hand.

    In the midst of the smoke, a singular ruby dropped onto the ground, cracking when it reached contact with the grass. Bluu picked it up to examine it out of instincts. Bluu pick pocketed the ruby into his pocket. After the fight, people stood up from wherever they were in the park to investigate for themselves on what just happened. Feeling eyes on him, Bluu started walking away from the area until a hand landed on his shoulder, a lyrae being the owner of the hand. Glancing at the lyrae showed horns that stuck up practically a foot tall - if he recalled, these were horns of a guard. The Valley's policemen. A similar person held onto Joe. Not knowing each other, Bluu and Joe took a nervous look at each other.

    "You're coming with me."

    [ Bluu has gained a Mysterious Ruby. ]

    [ ACTUALLY, I'M NOT ] You just saved an elderly woman and you're going to jail for it? No thanks. (19 - 2 DEXTERITY = 17 BLUU, JOE)
    [ OH, OK ]
    Even if I wanted to deny it, they could kill me with millions of guards walking around in such a popular town like Centerfude. Plus, there's not a likely chance that I'll get arrested for killing someone if that's the reason, and I have nothing else to do. (0)

    Finding out what exactly a witch trial was wasn't easy. Charlotte was already curious about the witch trials. For starters, arriving at Atlas or any mere mention of a witch trial in general was nonexistent - Charlotte has never heard of a witch trial once in her life. It was a bit ironic to be making witch trials when the concept of magic was already used in daily life. This peaked her curiosity enough to wait until she heard a mention about the witch trial from the locals - the first conversation she heard was about the sudden decrease of them. She took this opportunity to strike, and joined the conversation with a calm attitude and asked about what they were talking about. One of the two men's faces flared up red, and the other asked her to leave coldly. Slightly rattled, she obliged quickly.

    With a second attempt in mind, she walked around to another section of the town to see a young man hanging up posters to advertise watching the witch trials. Charlotte approached him and asked about the event. The man at first grimaced, but small talk convinced him to talk about it. "Witch trials happen whenever we find a witch," he finally said.

    "But don't we all use magic? We should all be hanged by now."

    "Perhaps," he responded. He moved to the next part of the wall to hang up another drawn poster. "But these are special kinds of witches. The people who host these trials don't reveal exactly who they are, but they definitely are suspicious. What with their red hoods, no looks on their faces. I guess you could call them witches if they use magic that we don't allow."


    "Who knows? The higher ups won't reveal." He hanged up his last poster, then held out his hand. "Brian."

    Charlotte respected his handshake and shook it. "Are you coming to the witch trial? You seemed pretty interested about it," he asked.

    [ YEAH, I AM ] After glancing at the posters, it appears the witch trial will start at noon. The sun is nearly in the middle of the sky, so using speculation you can go to the plaza in fifteen minutes to see the event transpire. You already inquired about it, and nothing else is happening in this town. You might as well make your visit worthwhile by at least doing some sightseeing. (0)
    The witch trial was interesting, but you don't feel like looking at it anymore. You're considering just either going to your inn room or doing sightseeing. ( 7 - 4 PERCEPTION = 3 )
    You're better off going somewhere else. (0)

    Walking in the adventure guild felt like a crime. In the center of the entrance hall was a golden fountain with distilled water. The walls were plastered with priceless gems and gold, diamonds laid about as if they're worthless. Although no criminal intention was involved, Volir put your hand on one that seemed loose and gave it a nudge. With no success, he investigated to see extremely small crystals nudged in between. Volir continued walking through the main hall. With no experience of being at an adventure guild, Volir just observed the rest of the area. Other than a statue labelled "Handson Mare" with a golden replica of a rather old ilmig, torch in one hand, nothing else held of interest.

    "Isn't he beautiful?"

    A person approached, fully masked by armor. Gleaming in grey but with red lines to outline the edges of each armor piece, the slightly shorter person than Volir was entirely covered, with no skin showing. Judging by the voice and how the armor was shaped, Volir took an educated guess to think it was a woman standing there. Despite Volir not saying a response, the armored soldier walked towards him. "Ever been to an adventure guild?"

    "No," Volir replied. It was true - this was the first time he ever stepped anywhere near an official adventure guild. This, if he recalled correctly, was Ceremone, which was a rather big shot adventure guild. It made sense that a place dedicated to what most people dreamed to become upon growing up would be so fancy, just not as a showoff as gold everywhere.

    "Yeah, judging by how you moved and how I've never seen you before, I already guessed you were new. It's nice to see new faces around, although they usually die off pretty quickly," Alice said. She winked, and Volir laughed awkwardly, but he took it more as a challenge with the tone she said. With a sudden strut to an opening on the other side of the wall, she said "Come on." Volir chased after quickly.

    "Where are you-- we, going?" Volir asked. Volir questioned whether he should be following Alice or not. He was currently on uncharted territory, and was at a fancy adventure guild for the most seasoned adventurers. He knew that he was rather buff compared to the others, but that didn't help him know how an adventure guild functioned, nevertheless how he would fit in. Volir decided that following Alice was probably the better choice.

    No Choices.
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  13. Bismuth

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    Bismuth Seed
    Day 1 (Act 2) Continued

    The three of them individually decided to visit a nearby adventurer's shop, items in display and a current merchant present.

    A cyndig behind the stand of a rather particularly odd shop labelled "Tinkering with Battlepoint" perked up to see three new potential customers walk his way. He stopped drumming his fingers on the stand and took this advantage to try and get more candidates to buy his wares. By the time these three people approached, he has also gathered four other people to look at what he had. A person tried to pick up something that looked like a compass, but he smacked it out of his hand. After a few seconds of looking, everyone glanced at the merchant, now drumming his fingers once again.

    Wolpertinger, being the most socially gifted out of the group of people, decided to speak everyone's mind. "What exactly are you selling?"

    "My good sir!" The cyndig exclaimed, grabbing one of his wares and gesturing at its appearance. "These are priceless objects. Does anyone know what this is?" Everyone shook their heads in response. He made a rather over exaggerated gasp, then smiled as if he was about to tell a scary story. Part of the audience rolled their eyes and walked away, while a buff ilmig walked towards the area and watched.

    "These are objects stolen from Battlepoint. You must know what Battlepoint is of course, but it's almost criminal how little people know how valuable the objects at Battlepoint are. These objects are still being studied today, because only one thing is known about each one; how powerful and rare they are!" To demonstrate, the mercenary picked up what looked like a blown out torch. A noticeable marking that looked like a capsule was carved onto the side of it. "Watch."

    With a flick of a wrist, the torch suddenly became on fire at the tip. After waving it around for a few seconds, he used another hand motion and the fire was gone. "Magnificent objects, these are. They don't stop working unless you manage to break it, and they never run out of fuel."

    "What else do you have?" A rather curious sendrow asked from the audience. The cyndig smiled, enjoying the sudden attention towards his wares. He decided to showcase four more items - a compass that points towards the last destination you used a flick of a wrist at, a stone that remote detonates after you give it a flick of a wrist, a backpack that opens up a secret compartment with the flick of a wrist, and a sword that looked like a lone hilt at first but a flick of the wrist would shoot the blade out.

    "This seems fake," a girl whispered to the other customers as the cyndig showed off the last item.

    "Any last questions?" The cyndig said, pleasant with his thorough explanation. He smiled, drumming his fingers once again.

    "Yeah, who's that man behind you?" The girl asked.

    "Who?" The cyndig turned around in sudden alarm, as there was no man. Before he realized what the girl was planning, she grabbed the nearest object; the torch. With a flick of the wrist, the torch caught on fire with a surprising amount of force. She gave another hesitant movement with her hand to make the fire go away. The merchant, no longer happy, snatched it from her hand. "I would never lie about selling things, and if I was caught lying you're free to skin my head off."

    "Whatever." The girl left. With that out of the way, the merchant showed his prices.


    "These are expensive," Wolpertinger commented. The reveal of the prices immediately shoved away all of the customers except the buff ilmig.

    "Because these aren't play toys," the cyndig responded. "These were gotten from the depths of a futuristic hell. People risked their lives to get this stuff."

    The ilmig placed a rather plentiful amount of gold on the counter. "I'll be taking the backpack." With no communication or arguing, the cyndig quickly counted out the gold and then handed him over the backpack. He opened it up one last time, once normally, once with the flick of a wrist. Satisfied, he put it over his back and started walking through the plaza.

    "Well?" The cyndig turned to the three of them. "Are you buying anything?"

    [ I DON'T FEEL LIKE BUYING SOMETHING ] Whether or not this is a scam, you don't want to buy anything. From the prices being too high to the objects just particularly not being interesting, you just feel like staying and see if the others buy anything. (0)

    [ I'LL BUY THE WAYPOINT COMPASS ( -125 GOLD ) ] The compass can help keep track of where you are, and let you always be on the right track when you have to remember where you were before. Helpful practically anywhere since you're an adventurer, and it's cheaper! (0) Vivian is purchasing this item.

    [ I'LL BUY THE AUTOMATIC TORCH ( -125 GOLD ) ] A torch that never runs out of a fuel is a blessing. A torch that can be turned off and on when needed is godlike, not to mention the 25 gold reduction compared to the other items. (0) Wolpertinger is purchasing this item.

    Items like these can save your life, whether to destroy a couple of people at the last second or open a cavern. (0)

    [ I'LL BUY THE LUNGING SWORD ( -150 GOLD ) ] The potential sword fighting with this is unlimited. (0)
    Diekonradish is purchasing this item.

    (Note - If you want to buy an item someone else is already purchasing, you can still try and buy it. If two or more people are purchasing an item, it instead becomes a battle. Just because someone is buying it, doesn't mean you can't try either!)

    Glug eventually figured out that this was rather uninteresting.

    He wandered around for about an hour with no particular interest in anything. He realized that hoping something interesting would happen in a town meant for relaxing was rather dumb.
    [ LOOK AROUND FOR AN ADVENTURE GUILD ] Maybe you missed one? (17 - 3 PERCEPTION = 14)
    It was nice being here, but if you can't benefit from here, what's the point? (0)

    Locals were always speeding around the area, rushing as if it was the end of the world, not another tourist in sight.
    Mane immediately got into a conversation with a local. At first, he was enjoying the healthy talk, until the local started advertising his wares. Mane became uninterested from the high cost of gold, and upon mentioning this, the merchant made a scowl and left. Mane realized that he was only one of many that would do that - asking for directions would let them recommend you a compass, making small talk was asking for talking lessons, and anything that couldn't possibly be an advertising topic would transform into one. After about fifteen minutes, his face has became sore of expressions, and he departed to a nearby plaza with little people buzzing around. He found out that the area didn't allow advertising, which made it practically abandoned. Mane sighed, wondering exactly how dependent Centerfude was on trading. It wasn't bad, necessarily, but he didn't have anything to sell that was interesting that he could also afford to give away.

    Plasma tapped on the first ilmig he saw nearby and politely tried to start a chat. His response was "Too busy. Go away." Plasma continued inquiring other people to find the same answer every time. It was as if the ilmigs were volunteer slaves for the city, and he was the fugitive that didn't get the system. Plasma started to try and investigate on what the ilmigs were exactly doing to be in such a hurry, passing through others in an automatic mindset like ants. The movement and confusion was too great though, and not being a perspective person made him just wander about until he entered a plaza that was seemingly abandoned. Only a singular cyndig stood there, and the two of them awkwardly stood by each other to mind their own business. Plasma took out his book, which currently had no encryptions in it. He tried writing one, but it just kept not feeling right. He closed it out of mild frustration and stood there with the other cyndig.

    [ TALK ] You have nothing else to do. The other one doesn't look quite like an advertiser or one to be in a hurry. (Dependent on Other Player)
    The locals weren't a great success. You personally want to look for something great to be in, most preferably an adventure guild if possible. It might be a bit of a setback considering how busy the town is, but standing in an empty plaza won't fix anything! (12 - 2 PERCEPTION = 10 PLASMA) (12 - 1 PERCEPTION = 11 MANE)
    Walking around didn't do anything for you. You should consider your options in a quiet place, and you don't feel like talking at the moment. (0)

    Walking inside the nearest inn decreased the temperature by twenty.
    Sehn hasn't realized exactly how cold it was until he walked inside, feeling the aura of a nearby fireplace heating him from across the room. As he stepped in, a howling gust of wind blew from outside, and the door automatically closed. Sehn looked around the room to see a fireplace built with gray bricks, fires blazing. A mahogany table was a few feet away from it, where two glasses and a plate sat. A chair was placed on either side of the table, where a rather plump man and a nicely dressed woman sat. Tacky wallpaper and rough carpet laid out across the room, with a counter and a staircase leading to the floor above. With no one acknowledging him, Sehn took to the stairs only for a woman to call out to him.

    "You shouldn't go upstairs," she said. She stared with a blank expression, standing behind the counter. She was holding a plate with something that looked like a stew, but set it down on the table to put her hands on her hips. "It goes to our balcony. Our inn rooms are downstairs."

    "Oh," Sehn replied awkwardly, not having anything else to say. Sehn stared at the door, and thought against opening it to experiment or to see if she was lying. Sehn turned around and stood still to examine the area with a bit more height. At a higher level than the rest, Sehn could see a total of six people. Three people were laying on the ground at the far corner beside the entrance to the lobby, white crusts of snow covering their clothes. Sehn presumed they weren't dead, and decided not to press on the matter at the moment. "Do you work here?"

    The lady picked up the plate with the stew. The aroma started to reach him, and he enjoyed the imaginary taste. "Yes." She placed it onto the table beside the fat man. He smiled and gave her a few coins, and she walked back to the counter. "Our inn usually is populated with a lot of people. It serves as a winter shelter for stuff like this, but I think the snowstorm came too quick for people to come. The doors were already unusable within seconds. I presume you're new? To the town."

    Sehn stuttered before answering, looking at her awkwardly. "How'd you know that?"

    "The only others here are regulars who come for the food or to talk with the others. There's usually more people, like I said. Since you're trapped here, you're going to cough up some gold for our services."

    The lady was talking too fast and doing too much compared to the surprisingly calm atmosphere. Sehn couldn't think of a rebuttal and felt awkward standing there, so he complied and gave the fee of 25 gold upon request. After taking it, she pocketed it and started to work again. Sehn felt too socially inept to start any more conversation, and no one paid him mind. He decided to sit at the far corner of the room and wait.

    No choices.
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    Day 1 (Act 2) Continued, Again

    "Woah, what's that?"
    Red and Vei were currently sitting inside a makeshift wagon that was moving along in the town. Three other passangers were on the other bench, including a little girl with stubby horns that was pointing at the sky. Everyone tilted their head to see something that greatly resembled a pegasus flying with a slight blur. The lyrae at the end, using a horse to shift the wagon to a different direction, also turned her head.

    Red and Vei didn't need to ask around for long when they found a wagon, apparently for tourists and adventurers. Labelled for giving a destination and to show other people around Ruinia, the two of them decided to individually take their chances and step into the wagon. After a bit of touring and riding along areas, investigating amazing sights and only voluntarily talking, a sizeable amount of time has passed while sitting inside the wagon, to lead to right now.

    "It's a windward," Gloria, the one driving the wagon, said intelligently. "Essence tech. If you sit on it and wait for a few several seconds, it jumps to the location it's designed to jump. There's a lot of them around town." It didn't take long for the windward to flutter out of view due to its extreme speed."

    "Is it safe?" An old man sitting beside the young girl asked. The man had an arm around the child. Another windward flew into view momentarily, visibly closer and showed someone sitting on top of it.

    "Of course. Our town wouldn't want to endanger lives." Another turn. "Windwards have been used for centuries because of how efficient it is. It flies the exact same route whenever it jumps. When it lands at its destination, it uses steam tech to fly slowly backwards to its original location."

    "It doesn't sound very safe," the man rebutted. Their surroundings became more engrossed in various colors as more clouds flew around the area. Specific parts of buildings started to glow chromatically to make a plethora of unique buildings around the area. A road started to replace the unnaturally green grass and buzz became more apparent around the town.

    "Suits you." The wagon stopped at an area similar to a restaurant, with opaque glass to show a colorful design to advertise food. The three people on the right bench walked off, gravity noticeably changing.

    When no one visibly boarded the wagon, the driver turned her head to look at the two of them. "Okay, you guys have been sitting inside this area for a bit too long. Are you guys going to a specific area, or like, what's going on? You can't sit here forever, you're taking up space for customers who actually need it."

    "We need it," Red decided to say.

    "No, you don't. Everyone who stepped inside here don't get how the city works and wanted to go to a specific location. You both have just been here for the ride, and if you're gonna loiter around any longer without any request for a destination, you both have to leave."

    Neither of them had a destination in mind, but a thought has been stirring inside Vei's head. Considering they've only been in the outskirts of the town, it explains why they haven't seen one yet, and Vei wasn't entirely sure she could find one herself to now see that the outer area of Ruinia was only a fraction of where they were now. Plus, where else would she go? Buy clothes? "I think it'd be interesting to go to an adventure guild."

    "You think, think, it'd be interesting." The driver turned around again, sighing. "Sure, I know a nearby one, unless you wanna go to a specific one in mind." Neither of them responded to say any destination. A passenger boarded the wagon.

    [ I DON'T WANNA GO TO AN ADVENTURE GUILD, I'M GETTING OFF ] Now doesn't seem like the time. You're in the most popular town, why waste it by immediately going on some quest? (0)
    [ SURE, WHY NOT? ]
    Isn't that your job anyway? (0)


    "Fire artifact?"
    Panzaer has arrived at a rather big adventure guild, labelled the Red Ribbon. Although he's never been in an adventure guild before, he quickly walked in to note that the interior was more nicer and polished than the rustic, wooden outside. After paying a small entry fee and signing his name, he walked inside to see various other cyndigs. Some were drinking, some were conversing, but all were intimidating. Panzaer walked around, examining his surroundings to be asked by a neatly attired cyndig this question.

    "Excuse me?" Panzaer replied.

    "Are you new?" The cyndig replied, taking out a piece of paper from a black pocket. He started to scribble down something, then eyed up to wait for his response. Seeing no reason to lie, Panzaer responded the truth, no, and he wrrote down things. After only a few seconds, he placed it in his pocket again and put his hands behind his back.

    "Yes, welcome to Red Ribbon -- hope you're enjoying -- we do two types of parties, specifically for any quest and to make a party for the fire artifact. I take it you've been to other adventure guilds before? You look rather experienced."

    "No, I haven't. I'm new to this thing."

    "Oh." The suited cyndig used his hands to gesture around the room. Panzaer only noticed now that the others were actually in a disoriented line, with doors at the end of the room and guards standing by it. "Adventure guilds are designed for adventurers to start strong and get money for it. Think of it like a stable way to get cash while doing stuff for other people. Most adventure guilds are just designed so that locals put requests that involve adventuring to be completed, with a prize for completion. Because of our location though, we also allow parties to go for the fire artifact. You get all that?"

    "Why do you need parties to go to the fire artifact?"

    He coughed. "The fire temple only allows people to go in groups of four. Cheating the system or trying to find loopholes instantly destroys you. This adventure guild lets people meet up with other people to make parties and see if they can get the artifact for themselves. If someone ever did manage to get the artifact, they're free to keep it. Red Ribbon, alongside with other neighboring adventure guilds, only serves as an area to meet up with other people. We do not actually request for the artifact ourselves.

    So, are you here for the fire artifact? You seem like you could get it, you look on the strong type. If you are, you go to this line--" he pointed to the right area, "--or if you're just here to do anything locals request, you can go to the left area."

    [ -15 GOLD ]

    [ YEAH, I AM ]
    It's what you're here for, and you're a pretty strong cyndig. You don't need experience when you already outrank most others, so you're going to get in line for the fire artifact parties. (0)
    [ NO, I'M NOT ]
    You'd rather find out how adventures work first, at least how adventure guilds make it work. Knowing that this is the most efficient and stable way to do adventures, you're going to the left line instead of leaving. (0)
    You think this place is too big shot for an inexperienced adventurer. The entry fee is small enough for you to leave without regret anyway. (0)
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    An essay but no choices? I choose to "No choices."
  16. Glue

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    "Tch, well that was pointless, dumb town wasting my precious time. I'll allow you to make it up to me by giving me something exciting."

    [Look for the dumb adventure guild]
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    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    I strike up a conversation with Mane, he looks pretty tranquil here.

    [ TALK ]
    You have nothing else to do. The other one doesn't look quite like an advertiser or one to be in a hurry. (Dependent on Other Player)
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    Xenia or Folgerphone
    The sword seems like a step up from my dirk; I'll take it!
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    cool too bad i can't b a r t e r
    fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhh
    buy the uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    [autotorch wrist tool thing totally]
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