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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to Aurora! Compiled here is a list of frequently asked questions, as well as the answers to them. If you've navigated to this page, you should know a bit about the server and how it functions already, but we've covered everything notable in this guide just in case. In addition to this, information regarding the server is available in-game around the world's spawn point in the form of signs - it's highly recommended that you read them to learn more too. As with everything else, this FAQ works hand in hand with the rules, so you are encouraged to read them before proceeding.

    Click here to read Aurora's Community Rules.

    What is Aurora Terraria about?

    Aurora's pretty much a do-whatever-and-anything-you-want server/community! On our Terraria server, you may get free items, build, fight monsters, PvP and more! However, we do have a large focus on and cater towards building and have a ranking system designed around that.

    How do I get items?

    You may spawn items for yourself using the command /i (to use a command, type it in chat without anything else). If there is one available, you may also head to our free items area to pick and choose from the collection of chests there in your own time.

    How do I spawn mobs or bosses to fight?

    You need to at least be a [Donator][3] to spawn mobs and [Donator][4] or [Helper] to spawn bosses. If you have one of these ranks, simply use:

    • /mob to spawn mobs,
    • /boss to spawn bosses.
    If you do not have one of these ranks, ask someone who has them politely & they might. Note that they aren't obliged to give in to your demands all the time, however. Mobs and bosses also automatically spawn at the arena at night, which you can use /warp arena to enter.

    "You do not have permission to build!" What does this mean?

    In order to gain the ability start building, you must first register to become a User. This will also grant you access to a few other useful commands, which you can investigate while in-game with /help! To register and login, simply use these commands in sequence:

    • /register <password of your choice>
    • /login
    If you are unable to register, try coming back with a different character name and attempt again.

    Why can't I build anywhere? The game keeps telling me that "This region is protected from changes"!

    Aurora Terraria has region protection implemented as part of tShock's (our server software) features. The area around the world's spawn point is always protected, so you'll have to travel a bit to find space to build. In addition, you should not be building too close to other users' constructions, either. If you are receiving the "this region is protected from changes" notice, simply move away from the area or build you are currently at and try building elsewhere. If there isn't much space on the surface, your best bet is in the sky or underground! Note that certain areas of the map (the extreme left and right sectors) are restricted to specific ranks, so if you cannot build there, try moving towards a more central area.

    How do I protect my build?

    Builders, Helpers and staff have access to region control (and thus protection). To request for a protection, simply use the /building command while at the area of your build and wait patiently for someone to attend to it.

    Help! My build has been damaged! How can I restore it?

    Moderators and Administrators have access to history and rollback commands to repair build damage. If your build has been griefed (i.e damaged, defaced or destroyed), use the /rg command while at the area of your build and wait patiently for a staff member to attend to it. You may also use /rg if you see that someone else's build has been damaged, or if the world's terrain has been damaged.

    When do the worlds reset or change?

    The frequency of world changes on Aurora varies, although it is generally within the range of 1-3 months. If you want to preserve your builds between maps, please use /transfer.

    Who or what is Discord? I keep seeing (Discord) in chat!

    Discord is Aurora's resident chat app which users may use to communicate with the community even while not playing Terraria on our server. Several areas of the community are based on Discord, and there are various chat channels in which you may discuss things like gaming, art or technology, on top of the general chat.

    Click here to join the party on Discord.

    Why am I [Disabled]? What did I do?

    If you have the [Disabled] rank, it means that you have performed a violation of the rules large enough to warrant a warning. In order to re-enable yourself:

    • /warn read and read & internalize the warning very carefully.
    • Follow the instructions provided to revert yourself to your original rank.

    Why can't I use my weapons or use certain items or blocks?

    Certain items, projectiles and tiles are banned on Aurora for various reasons. Banned weapons are the result of PvP balance, while other items may be banned due to their massive griefing/item spam potential, among other reasons. Some ranks may have access to specific banned items, or all of them.

    So, what items are banned?

    Items banned to prevent griefing or spread:
    Bottomless Water Bucket, Corrupt Seeds, Crimson Seeds, Hallowed Seeds, Honey Bucket, Lava Bucket, Super Absorbant Sponge, Water Bucket

    Items banned to prevent item spam:
    Goodie Bag, Treasure Bags

    Other banned items:
    Hive, Hive Wand, King Statue, Pocket Mirror, Queen Statue, Red Potion, Rod of Discord, All Event Starting Items (e.g Eternia Crystal)

    Then, what projectiles are banned?

    Projectiles banned to prevent griefing or spread:

    Purification Powder, Vile Powder, Bomb, Dynamite, Grenade, Sand Ball, Sticky Bomb, Sand Ball (Sandgun), Ebonsand Ball, Ebonsand Ball (Sandgun), Pearlsand Ball, Pearlsand Ball (Sandgun), Blood Water, Holy Water, Unholy Water, Silt Ball, Explosives, Grenade II, Rocket II, Proximity Mine II, Grenade IV, Rocket IV, Proximity Mine IV, Clentaminator Sprays, Slush Ball, Crimsand Ball, Rocket II (Snowman Cannon), Rocket IV (Snowman Cannon), Crimsand Ball (Sandgun), Drill Crosshair (Drill Containment Unit), Vicious Powder, Sticky Dynamite, Bouncy Bomb, Bomb Fish, Bouncy Dynamite

    Projectiles banned for PvP balance:
    Platinum Coin (Coin Gun), Meowmere, Last Prism

    Other banned projectiles:
    Beach Ball, Flare, Smoke Bomb, Blue Flare, all Coins, all Firework projectiles, Meteors, Portal Gun, Portal Bolt, Portal Gate

    And what tiles are banned?

    Corrupt Grass, Corruption Plants, Vile Mushroom, Ebonstone Block, Corruption Thorny Bush, Sand Block, Hellstone, Ebonsand Block, Pearlsand Block, Pearlstone Block, Silt Block, Boulder, Explosives, Inlet Pump, Outlet Pump, Timers, Crimson Grass, Crimstone Block, Crimson Vines, Cannon, Land Mine, Rockets, Slush Block, Crimsand Block, Coin Piles, Enchanted Sundial, Hardened Ebonsand Block, Hardened Crimsand Block, Ebonsandstone Block, Crimsandstone Block, Hardened Pearlsand Block, Pearlsandstone Block, Monolith, Announcement Box

    How do I get the _____ rank? What can the _____ rank do?

    [User]: To become a User, you have to register and login using the instructions provided above:

    Users have access to various basic commands and have the ability to build.

    [User+]: To become a User+, follow these simple steps detailed in this thread:

    Click here to find out more about User+.

    With User+, you gain access to even more commands, which you can use /help in-game to check.

    [Trusted User]: The Trusted User rank is obtained by being a loyal and trusted member of the server. This is up to staff discretion to decide who should have this rank. Thus, you should not be asking for it (or any other rank for that matter). Trusted Users have access to some banned items, such as the Rod of Discord.

    [Youtuber]: The Youtuber rank is granted to users who advertise Aurora on their YouTube channel. You must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers to be eligible for this rank.

    [Donator]: Donator ranks are obtained by donating real money to Aurora in order to support our server costs. There are 6 Donator ranks, each with access to various exclusive commands and permissions. Higher Donator ranks have access to everything the lower ones do. This is further detailed on the Donate page:

    Click here to view the Donator perks or Donate to Aurora.

    [Top Voter]
    : The Top Voter rank is granted to users who vote for Aurora the most each month on the Terraria Server List. It has access to the same permissions that a Donator 4 has, including mob & boss spawning as well as the ability to use the Rod of Discord.

    Click here to vote for Aurora Terraria.
    [Top Voter][2]: The Top Voter 2 rank is granted to users who vote for Aurora and one other affiliated server (Saybrook's Planet or Vindictus) the most each month on the Terraria Server List. It has access to the same permissions that a Donator 5 has, including the ability to use banned items as well as controlling server time.

    [Top Voter][3]: The Top Voter 3 rank is granted to users who vote for Aurora and both affiliated servers (Saybrook's Planet and Vindictus) the most each month on the Terraria Server List. It has access to the same permissions that a Donator 69 has, including the ability to become invincible and view tile history.

    Click here to vote for Saybrook's Planet.

    Click here to vote for Vindictus Terraria.

    : The VIP rank is reserved for people chosen by the owner, which are usually personal friends, long-time and/or retired staff, or guests from the Terraria development team.

    [Retired]: The Retired rank is given to ex-staff members of Aurora. It is an honorary rank.

    [Builder]: The Builder ranks are obtained by applying on the forums. There are 3 Builder ranks (Builder, Designer, Architect), each with access to various exclusive commands and permissions related to building. Higher Builder ranks have access to everything the lower ones do. Examples of what you may unlock as a Builder include access to banned tiles or items, or at Architect (the highest level), WorldEdit - a powerful mass tile editing tool.

    : The Helper rank is obtained by applying on the forums. Helpers are exactly what it says on the tin - they help other players with questions, spawn bosses for the community to fight, and handle building protection. Naturally, they are granted all the commands and permissions to make these things possible as well. However, Helpers are not staff members, which means that they do not manage griefs or rule enforcement.

    [Moderator]: The Moderator rank is obtained by applying on the forums. Moderators are the front line of staff members, and the people you should approach if you have any important issues. They ensure everything is in order and under control in Aurora's general community platforms (in-game, on Discord, on the forums), handle griefs and rule enforcement (such as dealing with hackers or other rule breakers), and like Helpers, can answer most of your questions on the server.

    The following ranks cannot be applied for and are only granted to staff members who meet their specific requirements.

    [Administrator]: The Administrator rank is granted to those who exceed expectations in performance at their job as a Moderator. Working directly under the Community Managers, they carry out tasks assigned to them and deal with community issues. They have access to WorldEdit in addition to Moderator permissions and commands, and fulfill a similar duty with the added responsibilities of tending to the map and guiding the Moderators. In addition, each of them tend to specialize in a specific area of Aurora's various projects.

    [Community Manager]: The Community Manager rank is reserved for experienced & trusted staff members with administrative capabilities under their belt. They handle all community-related jobs at Aurora, such as staff applications, writing announcements and guides, and creating community-focused content or events, while managing the staff team.

    [Developer]: The Developer rank is reserved for the primary content developer of Aurora. Working closely with the Manager, the Developer codes and implements new content for the server, on top of providing technical support with already existing content.

    : The Manager rank is reserved for the overall server manager - the right hand man of the Owner. They are in charge of the website, forum, Discord, server databases, and many other server-related jobs, as well as generally presiding over all of the staff in together with the Owner. In the absence of the Owner, they take charge of the entire server & its community.

    [Owner]: The Owner rank is reserved for the server owner. They are in charge of the rest of the staff and the entire server.

    That concludes our list of questions & answers! If you have further questions, feel free to ask any of our lovely staff members on the forums here, on Slack, or in-game. We'd be more than happy to help with your queries! Thank you for taking the time to read this FAQ (which has hopefully answered your questions). Have fun on Aurora!
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