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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to Aurora's FAQ! We have a extensive list of the questions we've found to be most frequently asked. If you haven't found what you're looking for here be sure to ask one of our active Staff or Helpers, they should be able to help you out. There may be a couple questions we've missed, if you think of any other important questions we should answer here, do let us know!

    Aurora's Community Rules

    What is Aurora Gaming about?

    Aurora we try to cover most basis within the servers we host. For the most part you're free to play our servers however you want. On Terraria you can build, fight other players and even try your luck against our boss lever tiers! On Minecraft, it's vanilla survival with a bit of spice, it's got custom plugins to make the experience more fun an entertaining. The main aspect of our server is the community, we're determined to make a loving place where everyone feels welcome.

    How do I get items on Terraria?

    You have the ability to spawn items in yourself using
    /i (item name) (amount) (prefix). You can retrieve any item in the entire game through this command. If you're having struggles with finding specific items, we have a Free Items area with every item located in organised chests. You can find Free Items by using /warp fi.

    How can I spawn mobs or bosses to fight?

    If you wish to spawn specific bosses to fight in the arena, you need to have Polaris or Helper. Otherwise you can use the pre-set levers located in the /arena to test your skills.

    If you are one of the ranks said above, to spawn bosses or mobs all you need to use is /mobs (name) or /boss (name) depending on which type you want to spawn. If you want a specific boss or mob to challenge yourself with and you aren't able to spawn them yourself, you can ask a Helper or Staff and they should spawn them in for you.

    It says I have no permission to build?

    In order to begin your journey on Aurora, you will need to register and login to become a User. This will grant you with a small list of commands that will help you build, pvp, or fighting bosses. Use
    /help to gain a full list of all the commands you gain access to.

    To register, firstly type
    /register (password of your choice), following with /login (that same password). If you are unable to register, there's a likely chance someone has already registered with that name. You will need to re-join with a different name to register.

    Why is this build protected and how do I protect mine?

    Our Terraria server has region protection, implemented within tShock. Our Helper and Staff team help assist with placing the protections to protect your build and others from being destroyed by those pesky griefers! If you find yourself unable to build in a region, try and get some distance away and try again.

    If you wish to protect your own build from griefers, all you have to do is type /building and this will alert any Helper or Staff member when they're online and they'll tend to it right away!

    My build has been destroyed, how do I fix it?

    Our Staff team have access to a wonderful command called history and rollback, which allows us to track who broke what. This allows us to quickly repair your building within in an instant while allowing us to check who did it, and warn them accordingly. If you ever need to report your build to be fixed, all you have to do is use /
    reportgrief, or /rg for short.

    You can also use
    /rg if you spot another member's build destroyed, I'm sure they'll be forever grateful!

    The world changed, how do I save my build?

    Every month or so, we try and reset the world to clean it up and allow there to be more space for newer uses to build upon. Do not worry, your build is lost forever, we upload previous map files just in case you wish to revisit it. Otherwise you can also ask for your build to be transferred by one of our Admins.

    Each time we plan on resetting the map, we'll announce it on our Discord and open up the transfer thread on this forum. All you need to do is follow the instructions given and you'll be able to save your build for the next map!

    What is Discord and how do I join it?

    You might have seen some people with (Discord) in their name while they're chatting. This means they are chatting through our Discord server, it's not a rank of any kind.

    Our Discord server is the main location where our community is active and discusses everything. We have many channels dedicated to different subjects like gaming, art, technology and even memes! You don't want to miss out!

    It says I'm (Disabled), what do I do?

    If you have the (Disabled) rank in-game it means you've somehow broken our rules, whether it's griefing or something alike.

    It's quite simple to re-enable yourself, all you need to do is type
    /warn read and you'll have a description as to what you did and be allowed to roam freely again, the trick is to not have to do it twice!

    Why can't I use certain weapons and items?

    Certain items, weapons, projectiles and tiles have been banned for various reasons on Aurora. Mostly due to the lag it produces or the griefing/annoying capabilities said item has. Some ranks like the final donator
    (Star) has all banned items unlocked!

    Why do some people have souls in their name?

    This is quite simply achieved by voting, our main reward currently but we do have a large update planned to bring more rewards to voting as a whole!

    How do I get certain ranks, what can said rank do?

    After you've registered and gotten the
    (User) rank, there are many possibilities you can arrive it through playing on Aurora.

    (User+) is achieved by introducing yourself to us on these very forums! You receive many new command and permissions with this rank.

    (Trusted User) is achieved being an active and friendly member on Aurora. You must prove trustworthy to the Staff team, as they are who decide gets the special rank. (P.S, a good way to get it is to not ask for it!)

    (Borealis) (Polaris) (Australis) and (Star) are all received by donating and all come with their own unique perks. Click the link above to donate!

    (VIP) is earned by being a very loyal member of the community. This is normal given out by the Owner or Managers to their close friends, long serving staff or guests from the Terraria development team.

    (Builder) is earned by applying for the rank on the forums. There are 4 tiers to the builder ranks. Each tier of builder ranks get more difficult to reach the specific requirements and building talents to be accepted for the rank. The higher the tier of builder, the more flashy the commands you get. Architect manages to get you entrusted with World Edit commands!

    (Helper) is earned by applying for the rank on the forums. A good Helper will be very active on the server while being generally helpful and friendly to players. Helper gains few commands like /region and /boss to use when needed. Helpers however are not staff members, meaning they are should not be enforcing any rules.

    (Retired) is earned from volunteering and becoming a respectable Staff member, then retiring from the rank. It's an honorary rank given out to show our appreciation for their work and efforts to help the server.

    (Trial Mod) is earned by being a fantastic Helper. Helpers that show great initiative and helpfulness during their time as Helper will have the opportunity to become Trial Mod and attempt earn Moderator. Trial Mod is given basic moderating commands to help keep the server maintained.

    (Moderator) is earned by being an exceptional Trial Mod and being noticed by the Staff. They are voted upon after a week trial, and if successful will receive the full Moderator rank. Moderators are the first level of enforcing, required to clean up griefs, moderate server chats, forums and Discord.

    (Administrator) is earned by being an exceptional Moderator. Their performance as a Moderator must show superb initiative, good leadership skills and a general likeliness within the community. Administrators are in-charge of the Moderator and Helper team, making sure they're all doing their job correctly as well as taking lead in new suggestions and staff discussions.

    (Community Manager) is earned by experience and long-term staff members who have shown great Administrative skills. Their main responsibility
    is handling applications for both Builders and Helpers, producing new events and suggestions for the server while managing the staff team.

    (Server Manager) is reserved for the over-all manager of the server, involving responsibilities similar to the Community Manager as well as managing the server consoles and server updates.

    (Associative Manager)
    is reserved for only the most trusted of long-term staff and managers. They are responsible for the entire staff team, including all managers. In the absence of the server Owners, they take full responsibility for the entire server and community.

    (Co-Owner) is reserved for the most loyal and trusted companion to the Owner. They have been with Aurora for years and have helped tirelessly to improve upon the server and keep it living. They are second in-charge of the entire server.

    (Owner) is reserved for the server owner, Patrikk. He is in charge of the entire staff team and server.

    What are the goals for the Minecraft server?

    The end goal of our Minecraft server is to provide an MMORPG-like experience to our players with races, classes, dungeons, unique mobs and loot - and of course, a massive A.I. generated world hand tailored by our builders for players to explore and exploit.

    You have a Valheim server?

    Yes, as of right now we are hosting a fully vanilla Valheim server. We are currently fully invested on creating our own custom server API as well as interesting and exciting plugins to make the Valheim experience ever more enjoyable.

    That is all for the FAQ. If you have any further questions that need answering, be sure to ask a staff member, they should all be welcoming to any question you have! Hopefully this FAQ has answered the majority of your questions. We hope to see you all having fun on Aurora!
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