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    PVP is fun, but there's a learning curve to it that can make it boring to new people. This guide should help make it easier. There are 3 parts to this guide, super simple.

    1. Mechanics

    When you activate pvp in Terraria, your base damage can hurt other players with pvp enabled. This means three things:
    • Anything that isn't base damage (flasks, status effects, critical damage) does no damage.
      • It will still look like the player is affected by these effects. These can make players easier to see.
    • Invincibility frames (Iframes) still exist. Iframes are the short period of invincibility that you get after being hit. Players get .66 seconds. The main takeaways are:
      • Your game will treat enemy players like monsters (who have fewer iframes) when you hurt them. It may look like they're taking damage when they may still be invincible causing their health bar to "jump" when the game corrects itself.
      • The best weapons are those that do a lot of damage in one hit. Multi-hit weapons like the SDMG and Solar eruption are pretty terrible damage dealers since only the first shot will hit. For the other .66 seconds, the player is invincible.
    • When it comes to swords, they ignore iframes (except for those caused by the black belt/master ninja gear dodge) and can transfer status effects to people if it's the sword's effect (i.e. beekeeper confusion/fiery greatsword flame effect)
      • This only works with the blade of the sword, not the projectile
    Those with larger screen sizes (and resolution) will be at an advantage towards those with smaller screens as they can see further.

    2. Items
    There are some items that are used in nearly every loadout. Below are the majority of them
    • Potions:
      You can add more if you want, take these before/during pvp using the "b" key. Use /more all to replenish potions if you're running low.
      • pumpkin pie (not potion, but better everything)
      • Wrath (more damage. Rage potion is useless in pvp)
      • regeneration
      • swiftness
      • ironskin
      • lifeforce
      • endurance
      • mana regeneration
      • featherfall (optional, but greatly increases movement)
      • magic power
      • Super Healing Potion
    • Gear:
      In general, these should have the prefix of "Menacing" or "Warding"
    • Stardust/Solar wings
      • Fastest wings in the game
    • Master ninja gear (or tabi)
      • Allows you to jump horizontally by double-tapping left or right
      • Allows you to perform rail hops.
    • Celestial shell
      • Like pumpkin pie, increases everything.
    • Worm scarf
      • Reduces damage taken by 17%
    • Optional items: (choose 2)
      • Paladin's shield
        • High defense and provides knockback immunity
        • Prevents getting stuck from sword knockback
        • Makes you less predictable after being hit and more difficult to disrupt.
      • Emblems
        • Increases damage output on specific weapons (Celestial stone is better than avenger emblem and above)
      • Frozen Turtle shell
        • Gives you 25% damage resistance when below 50% hp
      • Celestial stone/sun & moon stone in vanity + armor slot
        • Used to further stack the buffs of the celestial shell.
        • With the sun/moonstone combo, put one in the vanity slot and one in the armor slot. Right click on the vanity slot to switch between day and night.
      • Cross necklace
        • Doubles your iframes from .66 seconds to 1.33 seconds.
        • Avoid using the star-veil as the falling stars do negligible damage and may trigger enemy iframes (preventing you from dealing damage)
      • Shiny stone (VANITY)
        • Increases hp regen to 40/s (if standing still)
        • Best used when placed in vanity slot and swapped in/out during the calm between fights
      • beetle wings (VANITY)
        • Place in vanity slot over stardust/solar wings to make them silent and emit no light
        • Some developer wings are also silent, but emit light making you easier to hit
    • Slime mount
      • When paired with the featherfall potion, it becomes the fastest way to ascend and descend in the game
    • Bat hook
      • Fastest "pull" in the game
      • Allows you to quickly change direction.
    • Mechanical cart
      • Fastest cart in the game, used for rail hopping.

    • Armor:
      The armor mostly defines the loadout. In general, prefixed armor is considered bad.
    • Solar flare armor
      • Innate buffs for melee and movement speed. Go-to armor for most pvpers.
      • Has buff that decreases damage taken by 30% for up to 3 charges
        • Needs 5 seconds to recharge one of the buffs
    • Beetle Armor (with the beetle shell)
      • Fewer innate buffs/lower defense when compared to solar flare
      • Has stackable buff that decreases damage taken by 15% for up to 3 charges
        • Needs 3 seconds to recharge one of the buffs
        • Buffs stack, leading to a max reduction of 45%
    • Vortex Armor
      • Extremely low defense (for pvp). Best used with accessories designed around maximizing ranged weapon damage
        • Can kill and be killed in roughly 3 sniper hits.
        • Limited mobility
      • Double-tap down to greatly increase ranged damage.
    • Misc
      • Literally any mixed loadout sold by the tavernkeep. There are some extremely op armor sets. Mix and match to your heart's content. Notable examples include:
        • Extreme regeneration sets (heal 25 hp/s while moving, 55 while still)
        • High ranged damage+defense combo (shroomite + red riding + vortex)
        • Rainbow crystal staff storm (many crystals can be placed everywhere and deal lots of damage)
    • Weapons:
      In general, there are 4 situations that you'll be in when fighting. Some weapons fit multiple situations.
    • Close range:
      When you're so close that you could kiss the other player. Use the best sword that's available. Should have prefix of legendary.
      • Terra blade
        • Faster and slightly larger than the influx waver but deals less damage
        • Good for loadouts with a higher melee speed
      • Influx waver
        • Deals more damage than terra blade
        • Slower than terra blade
    • Open:
      When there's nothing between you and the other guy. Use the long range, highly accurate, high damage, quick firing death machine (the sniper rifle). A ruthless + high velocity rifle or unreal + luminite loadout is best. Never use the scope unless standing still.
      • Sniper rifle: Luminite bullets + Ruthless prefix
        • Highest damage (of the 4 variants)
        • Lowest accuracy (bullet speed)
      • Sniper rifle: High Velocity bullets + Unreal prefix
        • Lowest damage (of the 4 variants)
        • Highest accuracy (you click on their chest and they're hit)
    • Panic:
      When you need to limit the other player's movement/get them to break off/deal damage in general to remove their buffs (from beetle/solar armor). Should have 2-3 of these weapons.
      • Daybreak
        • +High damage and covers decent area thanks to gravity arcs
        • +High fire rate
        • -Easily dodgeable
        • -Can be blocked by solid objects
      • Blizzard staff
        • +High AOE and accuracy
        • +Extremely difficult to dodge
        • +can pass through blocks
        • -Uses Mana
        • -Low range
        • -Low damage
      • North pole
        • +High AOE
        • +Very difficult to dodge
        • +High fire rate
        • +High range
        • -Can be blocked by solid blocks
        • -Low damage
      • Paladin's Hammer
        • +Decent damage
        • +Extremely high attack rate
        • -Short range
      • venom staff
        • +Decent range
        • +Decent fire rate
        • +Projectiles spread (More difficult for target to dodge if they are chasing you)
        • -Requires Mana
        • -Low damage
      • lunar flare
        • +Decent damage
        • +Decent AOE
        • +High fire rate
        • -Requires large amounts of Mana
      • Any machinegun(SDMG, chaingun)
        • +Long range
        • +Extreme fire rate
        • -Can be blocked by solid blocks
      • heat ray/shadow beam staff/phantasm
        • +Long range
        • +Can cover large AOE (since projectiles can bounce/stay in the air)
        • +High projectile speed
        • -Low damage
        • -Low AOE (requires decent aim to make it work)
      • Rainbow gun/crimson rod/nimbus rod
        • +Creates "wall", limiting movement
        • +Long lasting
        • -low damage
        • -trap-like, players must run/be lured into it.
      • Rod of Discord
        • +Allows quick position change. When paired with sword, can be used to deal extra damage
        • -Deals no damage(and can hurt you given chaos state)
    • Obstructed:
      When the other player is behind a wall or solid block
      • Rainbow Crystal Staff
        • +High Damage
        • +Infinite Accuracy (literally point and click)
        • +long lasting (can be used as a trap)
        • -Only works on people you can see
      • Flying dragon
        • +Decent damage
        • +High fire rate
        • +large projectile width
        • -Poor swing speed (for close range)
      • Lunar flare/Blizzard
        • +High AOE (draws them from cover)
        • +Decent damage
        • -Requires Mana

    3. Behavior

    What to do when you fight.
    • Movement (featherfall required)
      Used to dodge, chase, and not die
      • Hook jump: hook onto a surface, then as you're pulled in, press "jump" to release the hook. You should move with the same velocity as when you were being pulled by the hook. Use your wings and feather fall potion (by holding up/down) to change your angle.
      • Slime jump/fall: While flying upwards/after a hook jump upwards, press the "mount" key and hold up to ascend quickly. To descend, press the "mount" key and hold down. The up/down keys (and equipping/unequipping the slime mount) can change your rate of descent making you less predictable.
      • Rail hop/Cart hop: While near a rail tower (horizontal rails stacked on top of each other), dash into the tower horizontally. Just before reaching the rail, press "mount" to enter your minecart. The minecart should accelerate you through the air at its max speed.
    • Combat
      In general, people will be focused on attacking and defending. Your goal is to make them only focus on attacking (making them easy to hit) or defending (making them forget to attack/deal damage).
      • Attacking
        • Buffed armor (beetle/solar) - Use panic weapons to deal continuous hits to lower/disable the buffs, and then use higher damage weapons (any of the other 3) to kill. Note that the sword is the best weapon followed closely by the sniper rifle.
        • Vortex armor - Take advantage of their low defense and reliance on range weapons and use any form of cover to get close and use obstruction weapons/a sword to kill. If invisible, use a panic weapon to reveal their health bar.
        • Misc loadouts - Generally these are niche and based on a specific group of weapons. At least one of the 4 weapon situations will not be easily countered by them. Use this to your advantage.
      • Defending
        • Buffed armor (beetle/solar) - If under fire, use panic weapons. The goal is to punish the other guy for trying to hit you while also making them focus less on attacking (making them less accurate). There's more leeway with solar armor as every buff provides the same reduction, and the damage resistance is higher
        • Vortex armor - Focus entirely on attacking. Potentially move if possible, but make sure that every shot manages to hit. If standing still, use the scope to start dealing damage at longer distances.
        • Misc loadouts - If the loadout is done correctly, you'll have a huge advantage in a specific (generally niche) situation. If you're being attacked, do all that you can to bring the situation back to your favor

    Anyway, that's all, hope this helps, upvote, like, subscribe follow, turn on notifications, vbux, and upvote. Cheers!
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    Nice job putting effort into this! There are a few of my concerns, though.

    You see, the S.D.M.G. doesn't really fit with other bullets (except Luminite) because it's much more focused on speed. It depends on your opponent.

    If you're using Beetle Wings, try to modify this to "Quick" or higher, and some vortex armor for silency. This will help you be very stealthy.

    Using the Sniper Rifle with the Ruthless modifier is good, because it has much more damage and you'll abolish your foe in no time.

    Don't focus on using defense over and over to no avail, because for the time being, you'll only have 1% damage reduction. Focus on modifiers like Violent and Menacing, these will help you.

    The Terra Blade is both long ranged and close ranged, it depends on your positioning and what you do with it. It deals 95 damage, the best modifier is Unreal for better projectile velocity and more damage. Just do /i Terra Blade 1 Unreal.

    When you use a summoning weapon in PvP, the minion/sentry won't attack your opponent. Use it to trap your opponent while they fly.

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