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    No, the moon is not going to destroy Off Topic. I just want to go back, and remember that first boss fight aganist the moon. Hopefully, I might, but probably won't get more people for Moon Boss Fight 2. I would want to tho, since we have like 2 peeps fighting. So, let's begin our time travel......

    The original Moon Boss Fight (closed):

    Profile: Terraria Players
    HP: 100,000
    Defense: 50
    Attack Damage: Depends on what they use.
    Attacks: Also depends on what they use.

    I will check on this every 3 days, and I will use for if you did any damage.
    1 = No damage, you took full damage.
    2 = No damage, you took half damage.
    3 = No damage, nor you took damage.
    4 = Half Damage.
    5 = Full Damage.
    6 = Critical Strike! Double Damage!!
    7 = Holy S**T!! You do Triple Damage!!!
    8 = [email protected]!!1 You do 5x Damage!!1
    9 = G0DLIKE!!!!!!!!! You [email protected]#$ do 10x the F#@$ing Damage!!!!!!!!!
    10 = There is no 10, I'm am sure of it!

    1. No super 10 Trillion Damage items, especially if you get a 1 or 2!
    2. Max Damage you can do is 50,000, but be weary of your HP!
    3. If you get this message, "Mystery Box!" you might be able to increase your Defense and HP, or die... (This will also be randomized!)

    This was the terrarian side. I did lie about the mystery boxes, and the defense later in game, not like anyone cared.

    Plasma: 10? Wait, why did add that!? There is no 10, I swear that- (End of message. You have done 100x damage and has gotten Mystery Box! Your prize is 20 extra defense!)

    Plasma: 10 AGAIN?! How [email protected]#$king lucky are- (End of Message. Since you got 10 last time, you now did 200x times damage!)

    Plasma: 10 again?, do you have a mind reader of something? Well then, 300x damage. Here ya go. :(

    This is when on Plasma's first 3 turns, he got a "10", which means 100 times the original damage. I know he hacked it. I just know.

    ...but you aren't alone...

    After the issue with fighting... their imagination, they heard about the attack. They knew that the Nightnafs were up to something. A portal opened behind the Terrarians and out came the one and only Red, but he's not alone either. 9 other's appear behind him through the portal, to finish what the Nightnafs have summoned!

    Welcome the new members!!!
    Red: A trusted Paladin general.
    Ender: A MC mistake that turned him into a deadly ranger.
    Brian (Herobrine?): He may not be the MC nightmare, but he is the mage of darkness!
    Conner (Co2): A demigod of Nature and summoners, of who he loves to fight with his companion, Slimy.
    Foxy?!: Yes, this is the real Foxy, but he seems more "real" (Another ranger).
    Preston: His real name is very long, and he'll do anything to tank out the damage!
    The Terrarian Brothers: The names is Michael and Kyle (not a impersonation the Aurorian Michael and Kyle). They work together to fight!
    Dark Shadow: An Elder PvP warrior, back from the dead!
    Moon Martian Lord: This is the true moon lord's right hand man, who hated Moon Lord himself!

    Yes, I agree. It's cringe. However, I wonder why I talked about the nightnafs, way before Fireking got kidnapped.

    Red's group of 10 finally attacks, but it's not what you expect. They aren't attacking, they seem to be helping The Moon.

    Red: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Ender: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Brian: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Co2: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Foxy: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Preston: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Michael: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Kyle: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Moon Martian Lord: Heals Moon for 1,000,000
    Dark Shadow: Heals Moon for 1,000,000

    You think that this is bad, but you might understand later... trust me. :)

    I decided to heal the enemy. Don't worry, the result is better than you think!

    09-OOI attacks 43-III for 38,788 damage. I shoot two cannonballs at 99-ABC and 62-GSK, each for 30,000

    So these weird codes are asteroid names ( no kidding). One of the asteroids, 09-OOI, wanted to be on the good side, and became LEGOs pal. He was soon themed to "Luke".


    This chronosphere was good, but it didn't do much once we got chased away from the nightnafs.

    First, welcome our new friends.

    Sparks: An abandoned mini-bonnie, as she will protect Fireking9000 for life. We have no evidence of her doing attacks.
    Shadow: Red's original rabbit. A great companion, and an intelligent species. Only Red can hear her voice.
    Endee: Ender's Corruption Truffle, of that he can summon homing mushrooms. Don't tell me that they don't hurt.
    Bones: Brian's Skeletron summon. You'd not think that it's head can hurt things?
    Slimy: A rare summon from the slime staff, also does massive crushing damage. Also too cute to explain.

    HP: 5,000? It's just an estimate in her size.
    Damage: None
    Defense: ???

    Shadow, Endee, Bones, Slimy:
    HP: Infinite, unless the owners die.
    Damage: ???, they're kinda random in their damage.
    Defense: ???

    This idea (except for Sparks) became a fail. Sparks, however, stayed with us for the rest of the game. She's cute... REALLY cute!

    -=- -=- -=-

    Now where is the rest of the story? Well, I want to put it via parts, so please wait patiently. I do hope you enjoyed the time travel. And, also, I hope for more people to join Moon Boss Fight 2. I'm sure the memories will be even better!
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    *Waiting patiently* This is a good idea, Red. Especially those who can't bear to read through 20 or so pages of material. c:

    EDIT: I may or may not have done nothing to influence the percentages except use very weak weapons lel.

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