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Discussion in 'Server Information' started by Ariana, Jan 31, 2016.

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    As noticed lately, shoutbox is often spammed with random ongoing conversations, or just spammed in general, leading to a lot of deleting.
    Shoutbox is not intended to be spammed with emojis or random letters or words or even pointless conversation.(especially not any adult content)..
    The reason we have shoutbox, and was the same a year ago, is for heads up on server and forum related content. Since shoutbox is the first thing you see once you open up the forum, it's mostly for showing encouraging details or important information.
    Information such as "Hey! I made an introduction! Mind checking it out?"
    "Server is down atm"
    "Server crashed because ___ spammed mobs"
    "Hey guys check out the new thread on creating slack accounts!"
    "We have now reopened the building transfer page"
    There should be no reason to have an ongoing conversation in shoutbox when we have many other areas for conversation like,
    Forum PM
    Slack PM
    #General on slack
    Chat on a public thread
    Or ingame chat
    There are many different outlets, please use them instead.
    If a person refuses to use shoutbox as intended, they will be warned, then *banned from shoutbox*
    We will not be tolerating any more rebellious activity, no matter if you're a user, a builder, or a donator.
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