The (hopefully) Official Helper Guide! (Updated 2017, DRAFT)

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    [​IMG](and cheers)

    I can't believe it! You, (insert player name here), has decicaded his/her time, effort, (and the chance of skipping homework), to reach this point! You are 110% ready for anything!

    Or are you?

    Hello... graduates of the Helper-to-be! The name is RedCreeper07. If you might've noticed, I am rank Retired (unless I'm a Helper, or Moderator for some reason). Why? Well, you see, I used to be a Helper... just like you! However, Helper was renamed twice; from first Grief Watch, and then Operator. What makes it more is that I had a total time being that rank for over 9 months! So I have quite a bit of experience. What do I do with that experience? Well - *chuckle* share it with you graduates!

    Being a Helper seems easy, on paper. In practice, it can be CONFUSING! Trust me, it took awhile for ME to get used to the idea that you are now the person who helps keep the server a safe, happy place, instead of the one who forgot the "/item" command. However, after reading this guide, being a Helper will not feel as difficult as people might explain. So look closely! You don't want to miss any details!

    There are many new commands you get once you become a Helper! Many of these commands have got to do with these magical things called regions! Regions are what stops griefers from destroying your build, editing spawn, or trying to drain the ocean! These regions are quite magical, and now YOU are in control (sort of)! Here are the region commands you will learn in this guide:

    /region 1
    /region 2
    /region define
    /region name
    /region delete
    /region allow
    /region deny
    /region resize

    Confusing? Well, this guide will cover all of them! Get ready to write them down!

    1. /history (/h)
    Requires: Ice Rod, Pickaxe

    This command is everything. This command literally tells you the person who placed, destroyed, or edited the block! It's very useful in finding the Owner of the build, and the griefer behind the destruction of a build. Here's how you execute it!

    Step 1: type in chat "/h"

    Step 2: either aim and fire a single magic ice block (From the Ice Rod) at the tile of choice, or quickly tap the tile with a pickaxe (Be careful with a pickaxe! Using a pickaxe with a too-fast mining speed might break the tile! Using a slower mining speed pickaxe can help solve any "fat-fingers".
    Step 3: You will soon see a huge list of names, times, and block IDs, blah blah blah. Do not feel alarmed. The next steps will explain.

    Step 4a: To find griefers, they are mostly likely on the BOTTOM of the list. There should be a name, a tile ID, and a time. Once you have found your griefer, you can report it to

    Step 4b: To find who built it, they are most likely to be found on the TOP of the list. If multiple builders are suspected, its best to either ask one of the people who is the Owner, or, (if they are not online), ask other Helpers or higher for assistance.

    (REFERENCE: d=days, h=hours, m=minutes, s=seconds)

    2. /region 1; /region 2 (/r 1, /r 2)
    Requires: Ice Rod, Pickaxe

    These commands are the FIRST step to adding a region around the build, or - protecting it! You need to look at the steps carefully... since not going IN ORDER could lead to a catastrophic failure!

    Step 1: Find a way to get to one corner of the build. Make sure your first corner is a couple blocks OUTSIDE the edges of the build, just in case. If the Owner explains that it's unfinished, please refer to the "/region resize" tab.

    Step 2: Type in chat "/r 1"

    Step 3: Either use an ice rod to "mark" the corner, or tap the tile that marks the corner of a build. If you miscalculate, thats OK. Just type in the command again.

    Step 4: Go to the other corner of the build. It should be completely opposite horizontally and vertically. Type in chat "/r 2"

    Step 5: Again "mark" the corner with an ice rod, or tap the tile that marks the corner.

    3. /region define; /region name (/r d)
    Requires: None

    This command allows you to "name" your regions, and to find what "this" tile is being protected by. Here are the steps:

    Step 1: IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, PLEASE! PLEASE go to the 2nd command (/region 1; /region 2) before doing this! You might mess up things!

    Step 2: After doing the above, type in chat "/region define (name)". The "(name)" bit is your choice, but try to make the name simple.

    If there is a structure, and the build Owner is "BobGob", then a good name for that region is "BobGobbuild".

    e.g. 2
    If the structure resembles a castle, and the build owner is "MagiSemiTryHard2293", then a good name would be "MagiSemicastle".

    Be creative with the names! However, make sure they are simple, and they mean something if someone else looks at the region name (more about that later).

    Step 3: To find what "this" tile is being protected by, type in chat "/region name", and either mark with an ice rod, or tap the tile with a pick. You should soon get a list of the region(s) that the tile is being protected by, or an error that there isn't a region protecting the tile.

    4. /region allow; /region deny (???; ???)
    Requires: None

    These commands are how people can still build within their region. You see, once you protect a region, it only allows the person who protected it to edit the region. Use these commands to filter who can, and cannot go inside the region.

    Step 1a: Type in chat "/region name" if you don't know the region's name.

    Step 1b: If you already know the region's name, move on to Step 2.

    Step 2a: If you want a player to be added to a region(s), type in chat "/region allow (player name) (region name)


    If the player's name is "SupRat38", and the region name is "SupRatbuild", then do "/region allow 'SupRat38' 'SupRatbuild' " (The singular quotation marks should be the double quotation marks, but I don't want to confuse you.)

    Step 2b: If you want a player to be removed from a region(s), type in chat "/region deny (player name) (region name)

    However, you might be faced with more than 1 person wanting to be in the region, or a fake Owner, claiming it's his/her region. More about that later.

    5. /region delete

    If you don't want "this" region anymore, use this command.

    Step 1: Type in chat "/region name", if you don't know the region already.

    Step 2: Type in chat /region delete (region name)
    (I'm sure you know what the "region name" is.)
    That's simple! Just be kind to people and that crap. There! Story over! Now go be a good Helper!


    You see, think Helper as a Public Service career; you need to help the public! That means, if you see that someone needs help, go for their aid. There are a hundred billion problems you will face, and learning how to handle them is essential to being a good Helper. Let's give you a situation:

    Situation: You are called to a player who is having an issue. This player is trying to build, but is being distracted by another player wearing solar armor, with the living rainbow dye, spamming his/her terra blade like mad! How do you solve this?

    Try saying the "distractor's" name in chat, and tell him/her politely to stop distracting the builder. If he/she doesn't stop, keep repeating yourself a couple more times. Most people who are distracting others might not see the chat the first time. WARNING: DO NOT SPAM your command. Do it every 20-30 seconds, depending on the chat traffic. Try to move your character around the "distractor" for emphasis. If repeating yourself and moving around doesn't work, be more stern by CAPS-ING some of the words. Keep repeating yourself, and give "threats". Now don't say "YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DON'T STOP!" That will demote you from Helper. Try something like this, "Sir, if you don't stop DISTRACTING (builder's name), you will be warned. PLEASE stop."

    However it ends; whether a moderator comes in to stop the issue, or the distraction passes, make sure to repeat yourself every so often, and slowly escalate the "anger" of your command. Use the "threats" if nothing else works. Be careful not to escalate your "anger" too quickly.

    Situation: You are called to a player who needs help protecting a build. However, upon coming there, you remember already protecting that build for another player. After saying "is this your build?", the player says "Yes." What do you do?

    Try using the "/h" command to see who placed the tiles on the build. If the player who placed the tile(s) doesn't match with the player who claims its their build, then try another command called "/userinfo"

    /userinfo is a command that can find alternate accounts from a player. If you want to know if the player's name has another name under his/her "account", then use this command.

    Step 1: Type in chat "/userinfo (player name)". You should get a bunch of information of the user. On the bottom should be your answer. BACK TO THE SOLUTION!

    If the player doesn't have an alt account, or doesn't have an alt account that matches the "Owner" of the build, explain to him/her this isn't their build. They might say "I helped with this build!"

    If they say that, try spamming /history to random points of the build. If you managed to find any tile that has a name under the player, then maybe you should allow the player into the build. However, if no matches are found, or you are suspicious, go down to the next paragraph.

    Now with full evidence that it isn't their build, explain that it isn't their build, and to not try to claim it as your own. If you need help with this process, call in a Moderator. They are the ones who help Helpers, right?

    So, those are some good situations you might come across. Then there are smaller ones, like a player who forgot how to get items, or a player who doesn't remember the item ID a block would be. However, there might be big problems, which even a Helper can't solve. If that's the case, wait patiently for a Moderator to arrive, and do your best to be calm. Help will arrive.

    Now, here's a couple more behavior tips:

    1. Do not cuss/swear. Aurora is a MUCH better place without Helpers swearing all the time, right? Try to keep swearing at a minimum, especially when you're on the job.

    2. Stay calm. There might be problems that might stress you out, or the outside world might've made you stressed. Keeping calm is the way to go. Trust me, if you ever become a Paramedic, you will suffer the same stress, maybe even more!

    3. Have fun! It is Aurora, after all! After you finish your job, go build, fight bosses, spawn bosses (not too many), or just hang out!
    If you have read the above Spoilers, (which I highly recommend do), you should have a better understanding about being a good Helper. However, I want to make sure this is in your head! Helper will be stressful. Helper will be difficult. Fortunately... Helper will be very rewarding and fun. If you refer to this guide, and you stay active, helpful, friendly, and resourceful, you might even become a Moderator!

    Good Luck Graduates! And remember, Aurora needs you!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide is not completely official. Hopefully, if Clay (Manager), and Patrikk (Owner) accepts this as an official guide, you should see this in the "Helper Applications" thread, and this message should disappear. The vote I have is just for fun, but it could be useful. I will be flexible to any changes needed to be done before this is official.
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    The Helper rank doesn't need a guide, as its already an incredibly lenient rank, as Kyle said. Closed
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