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    The Guide for new and returning moderators
    • Being Active
    • Able to handle situations in an appropriate way
    • Respect others regarding their role
    • Only using staff commands for staff-related reasons
    • Enforce the rules according to the server


    This command will mute a player

    /mute <player> <duration> <reason>
    Example: /mute Cherry 2m spamming

    You may mute players who are spamming or using excessive profanity

    The "<duration>" part is not compulsory


    This command will jail a player in a place where they can't escape

    /jail <player> <jail name> <duration> <reason>
    Example: /jail Melkor 5m grief

    You may jail players who are griefing, stealing or raiding

    The "<duration>" part is not compulsory


    This command will kick a player

    /kick <player> <reason>"
    Example: /kick Thomas Griefing

    Similar to jail, but this command is used if players have been ignoring your warnings


    This command will ban, temporarily ban or unban a player

    /ban <player> <reason>
    Example: /ban Melkor Go take a shower

    /tempban <player> <duration> <reason>
    Example: /tempban Clay 1d Wrong Server

    /unban <player>
    Example: /unban Clay

    Similar to both jail and kick, if the play have been ignoring your warnings constantly or have been discussed with other staff member, then you may ban that player


    As a moderator, you are given permission to teleport without having to be accepted. You can also teleport any player to your location.

    /tp <player>
    Example: /tp bigbluu722

    /tp <player> [other player]
    Example: /tp Zen_ Katara

    Checking Inventory

    This command will let you see player's inventory.

    /invsee <player>
    Example: /invsee ThatOneIceGuy

    • If you're dealing with a situation and you don't know what to do or you don't want to screw things up. There's no shame to ask another staff member for help, but do not rely on another staff member every time.
    • Make sure not to abuse any of the commands given to you or there will be consequences.
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