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    Contemplation of nature, living in the infinite.
    Terraria Character Name:
    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    This place'll be used for me to grab easy character stats.

    Name and gender: Bismuth, Female
    Personality: Basically a monk, can't speak english
    Goal: Achieve ultimate greatness and nirvana or somethin

    Level: 19 (Microboss)
    HP: 1,406 (703 x 2)
    Attack: 0 (+6)
    Defense: 0 (+9)
    Speed 25 (+3)
    Magic: (10 proficiency points to spend as you like)
    Light magic: ++
    Gray magic: ++
    Dark magic: ++
    Earth magic: ++ (Proficiency points equal to light magic + dark magic / 2)
    Benevolence: 10 (11% Crit) (+3 to all stats) (+15% to starting HP)
    Inventory: A stone-painted boat (20 damage, +6 defense, +3 Attack)
    x1 Rune of Nature (Skill - Active) Upon use, will summon the powers of nature to your advantage. Each turn, at 25% for each option, you will be able to: Block an extra attack, have an attack you deal leech 50% of the damage you deal to yourself, increase the opposer's Benevolence by 1 so they will be easier to spare, or snare the opposer in vines and take their turn for yourself.
    x4 Plasma-grade potions - Restores full HP.
    x3 Soulfire flasks - Thrown items. Throw them at the opposer to increase their Benevolence by 1 (only works if they are below 0)
    x2 Clarity portal potion - On use, teleports the user to within 3 tiles of a place they specify.
    Comrades: Mossy old man, Leaf golem, Self-flipping log, Stone elemental

    Name and Gender: Pink Boy, Male
    Personality: nice and fearless
    Goal: to find his brother, Red Bro

    Level: 12
    HP: 378
    Attack: 1 (+3)
    Defense: 9 (+6)
    Speed: 6 (+3)
    Light magic: +++++
    Gray magic: +++++
    Dark magic: +++++
    Benevolence: 9 (10% Crit, +15% to starting HP, +3 all stats)
    Inventory: Power Pole (20 damage, +3 Defense)
    x1 Portable stage (Active spell) - Upon use, drops a stage behind you, boosting all allies' attack by 30%.
    x3 Double turn health potion - Upon use, allows you to have another turn. When used, it can't be used again until the enemy has their turn.
    Comrades: Avi, Red, Fyr, Vivian, Agent Storm.

    Name and gender: Fyr, Male.
    Personality: Impulsive, mistrusting, energetic, neutral.
    Goal: to gain a reliable pet companion.

    Level: 10
    HP: 272
    Attack: 4 (+3)
    Defense: 2 (+1)
    Speed: 10 (+1)
    Benevolence: 4 (Crit: 5%, +5% starting HP, +1 all stats)
    Inventory: Hardened Love Gloves (20 damage, +2 Attack)
    x1 Soulfire Torch (0 damage, +1 Benevolence if the opposer has less than 0.)
    x1 Swordstorm (Skill - Active) Decreases your attack power to half its original value, but multiplies speed by 5. Critical hits landed with this skill equal x2 of a regular hit. Lasts one turn. "This spell belonged to Bladebeard's father, Seth Swordstorm."
    x3 Superior Health Potion (Restores 500 HP)
    x4 Plasmatic-grade Health Potion (Restores all HP)
    Comrades: Red, Avi, Pink Boy, Vivian, Agent Storm.

    Name and gender: Mane and male
    Personality: No empathy, little emotions, smart, disloyal, unhonest, mainpulative.
    Goal: Kill all the players

    Level: 17 (Microboss) (Multiplies HP by 2, enemy critical hits only do x4 damage)
    HP: 1,010 (505 x 2)
    Attack: 8 (+8)
    Defense: 5 (+6)
    Speed: 10 (+6)
    Light: +
    Gray: +
    Dark: ++++
    Benevolence: -10 (1% Crit) (+6 to all stats)
    Inventory: Electric Scoped 44. magnum (20 damage, +2 Attack)
    x1 Steel sword (11 attack)
    x1 Superior Health Potion (+500 HP)
    x2 Luck-changing potion - On use, changes any actions performed that turn to the type of chance desired.
    x1 Mystery portal potion - On use, teleports the user to a random point on the map.
    x1 Clarity portal potion - On use, teleports the user to within 3 tiles of a place they specify.
    Comrades: None so far.

    Name and gender: Avi, female
    Personality: Modest, empathetic, sentimental, persistent, trusting, subtle, cautious.
    Goal: Expel all evil, unless she sees herself become evil, in which case... INNER DEMONS and self disgust.

    Level: 12
    HP: 360
    Attack: 10 (+3)
    Defense: 0 (+3)
    Speed: 6 (+3)
    Magic: (9 proficiency points to spend)
    Light magic: ++
    Gray magic: ++
    Dark magic: ++
    Benevolence: 9 (15% Crit) (+3 to all stats) (+15% to starting HP)
    Inventory: Heirloom yew shortbow (20 damage, +5% Crit)
    x2 Plasma-grade Health potion - restores 100% HP.
    x1 Health potion - restores 100 HP.
    x1 Mystery portal potion - teleports you somewhere random.
    x1 Showstopper (Active spell) - Upon use, stops the enemy from taking their turn. This is one of the Plasmaticism Leader's brightest spotlight-runes in a bag. It also does damage to enemies that are more reliant on darkness.
    x4 Plasma-grade health potion - Upon use, restores full HP. A deep blue liquid resides in the flask.
    Comrades: Pink Boy, Fyr, Red, Agent Storm, Vivian.

    Name and gender: Vivian, female.
    Personality: Reckless, intelligent, quick-thinking, a little ruthless, kind the rest of the time, silly.
    Goal: To understand what magic is, how it works, and what does how is shadowplasma.

    Level: 12
    HP: 329
    Attack: 10 (+1)
    Defense: 3 (+1)
    Speed: 5 (+1)
    Magic: (6 proficiency points to spend)
    Light magic: ++
    Gray magic: ++
    Dark magic: ++
    Benevolence: 6 (Crit: 7%) (+1 to all stats) (+5% to starting HP)
    Inventory: Ion Distorter Shotgun (10 damage)
    Comrades: Pink Boy, Fyr, Red, Agent Storm, Avi.

    Name and Gender: Agent Storm, Male
    Personality: Intelligent and Knowledgeable, especially regarding all forms of technology. Helpful to allies, Merciless to enemies. Is experienced in both ranged and melee combat, and is superior in vehicular combat. Travels light when on foot, and uses his personal interceptor over long distances.
    Wears a black trench coat with very thin, lightweight Kevlar on the inside. This is his only armor. When unarmed, he knows how to use the environment around him to his advantage.
    Goal: To seek out and destroy all forms of evil. An ill presense can only lead to corruption.

    Level: 10
    HP: 272
    Attack: 3 (+1)
    Defense: 2 (+4)
    Speed: 1 (+1)
    Benevolence: 4 (Crit: 5%, +1 all stats, +5% starting HP)
    Inventory: (Since I noticed Spy has 2 starter weapons on him, I'm gonna fuse them into one)
    Converter rifle/Electric Tactical Staff hybrid (15 damage, +3 Defense)
    x5 Mystery Portal Potions
    x1 Cloudspeed (Passive skill) Allows +1 Movement on all terrain. When teamed up with somebody, they get the benefit of movement speed too.
    Comrades: Pink Boy, Vivian, Red, Avi, Fyr.

    Name and gender: Noel, Male
    Personality: Valiant, honorable, selfless, skillful, however a bit greedy and devious at times. A "the ends justify the means" in most situations kind of character
    Goal: To discover the unnamed amulet, an artifact that is said to lie within these lands.

    Level: 0
    HP: 105
    Attack: 3 (+1)
    Defense: 0 (+1)
    Speed: 3 (+1)
    Benevolence: 4 (Crit: 5%) (+1 to all stats) (+5% to starting HP)
    Inventory: Enchanted dagger (10 damage)
    x3 Health Potion = restores 100 HP.
    x2 Luck-changing potion = Upon use, changes your choice to the wanted outcome.
    Comrades: None so far.

    Name: Red
    Gender: Male
    Personality: uhh... Lone Hero? (How to personality...)
    Goal: To finally learn what this dam place is.

    Level: 12
    HP: 313
    Attack: 5 (+2)
    Defense: 6
    Speed: 7
    Benevolence: 3 (Crit: 4%)
    Light: +++
    Gray: ++
    Dark: ++++
    Inventory: Ether Manipulation (20 damage, +2 Attack)
    x1 Soulfire Torch (0 damage, +1 Benevolence if the opposer has less than 0.)
    x1 Sea of Swine (Skill - Active) When used, decreases the enemy's attack to half its original value. Lasts one turn.
    x2 Mystery Portal Potion
    x2 Superior Health Potion (+500 HP)
    x2 Plasma-grade potion (Restores full HP)
    x1 Interdimensional portal cookie (Restores full HP) Plasma's finest.
    Comrades: Fyr, Avi, Pink Boy, Vivian, Agent Storm.

    Name and gender: Pain, (Apache Helicopter, Lul) Male
    Personality: Strong Willed, Brave, Obnoxious, Calm, Efficient, Energetic
    Goal: Wants to become a human tank (offensive with major defensive capabilities)

    Level: 18 (Microboss)
    HP: 1,116 (558 x 2)
    Attack: 11 (+3)
    Defense: 12 (+3)
    Speed: 0 (+5)
    Benevolence: 3 (Crit: 4%)
    Magic: (3 proficiency points to spend)
    Light magic: ++
    Gray magic: ++
    Dark magic: ++
    Inventory: Colossal Single Edged Blade (35 damage, +3 all stats, +2 Speed)
    x1 Soulfire Torch (0 damage, +1 Benevolence if the opposer has less than 0.)
    x1 Spell of Accuracy (Upon use, you have a 100% chance to hit your adversary on the turn of usage.)
    x8 Superior health potion (Restores 500 HP)
    x3 Plasma-grade potions - Restores all HP. The transparent blue liquid inside glows; having surpassed all other potions.
    x4 Luck-changing potion (Changes the choice you picked to the most favourable outcome)
    x1 Magic Tank (Spell - active) - Calls forth a tank made out of pure mana to fire upon your foes. Damage dealt is 1.5x your base damage. Has the same Attack power as you. Can't be killed, but after 4 turns it will disappear.
    x5 Plasma-grade potion (restores all HP)
    x1 Interdimensional portal cookie (Restores full HP) Plasma's finest.
    x1 Soulfire flask - Thrown items. Throw them at the opposer to increase their Benevolence by 1 (only works if they are below 0)
    x1 Clarity portal potion - On use, teleports the user to within 3 tiles of a place they specify.
    Comrades: ClusterMissile, Sandy Old Man, Plasmatic Spectre, Mirage Elemental

    Name and gender: Диана (pronounced deeAHNA), Female
    Personality: Doesn't give a crap whether you live or die unless you buy things from her or attack her. Hails from a timeline where Russia is hit with nuclear bombs, and very few survive. Was the leader (Tsarina) of the wasteland
    Goal: To get back to her position as Tsarina Of The Wasteland.

    Level: 0
    HP: 100
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 2
    Speed: 0
    Benevolence: 0 (Crit: 1%)
    Inventory: Pierced Royal Scepter (10 damage)
    Comrades: None so far.

    Name and gender: ClusterMissile, male.
    Personality: Tactical, ruthless, intelligent, scheming, authoritative.
    Goal: Become the most powerful and ruthless military leader the galaxy has ever seen.

    Level: 20 (Microboss)
    HP: 1,554 (777 x 2)
    Attack: 8 (+1)
    Defense: 12 (+13)
    Speed: 6 (+3)
    Light magic: ++++
    Gray magic: ++++++
    Dark magic: ++
    Points assigned: Attack: 2, Defence: 3, Speed: 1
    Benevolence: 6 (Crit: 9%) (+1 all stats) (+5% starting HP)
    Inventory: Lightning Rifle (15 damage, +2 Speed, +2% Crit)
    x1 Mirage (Skill - Active) Use this spell to cast a mirage around yourself and multiply your chance to dodge by x4.
    x7 Superior Health Potion (Restores 500 HP)
    x6 Plasma-grade potions - Restores all HP. The transparent blue liquid inside glows; having surpassed all other potions.
    x2 Luck-changing potion - On use, changes any actions performed that turn to the type of chance desired.
    x1 Soulfire flask - Thrown items. Throw them at the opposer to increase their Benevolence by 1 (only works if they are below 0)
    x1 Clarity portal potion - On use, teleports the user to within 3 tiles of a place they specify.
    x1 Spectral guidance (Passive skill) - Your total Defense is doubled, because your soul defends you as well. (+12 Defense)
    Comrades: Plasmatic Spectre, Pain, Sandy old man, Mirage Elemental

    Name and gender: Glue, Male.
    Personality: Oddball, Weirdo, Meh, Lethargic, Quiet, Childish, Introverted, Procrastinator, and Socially Awkward.
    Goal: Build the biggest and best sand castle.

    Level: 6
    HP: 177
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 6
    Speed: 2 (+2)
    Benevolence: 1 (2% Crit)
    Starter weapon: A distorted Wooden Stick. (15 damage, +2 Speed)
    Description of Weapon: About the length of the human arm. Not thorny or anything just a Wooden Stick, it's probably better to call it a branch but whatever.
    x3 Superior health pot - Restores 500 HP on use.
    x2 Health pot - Restores 100 HP.

    Mysterymage, Male
    Personality: Awkward, somewhat trustworthy (I guess) and intellectual.
    Goal? Ez: I want to learn the secret of the Multiverses/Universes/Whatever it's called. Oh, and I want to know how to break the fourth wall better.

    Level: 0
    HP: 100
    Benevolence: 2 (3% Crit)
    Starter weapon: Magyk Staff of Magyk (20 damage, +3 Defense)
    x1 Soulfire Torch (0 damage, +1 Benevolence to opposers with less than 0) Usually found in Dungeons. Casts a warm, calming light.

    Name and gender: Gio, male
    Personality: Kind, Intelligent, Friendly, Cautious
    Goal: Be friends with everyone

    Level: 0
    HP: 105
    Attack: 0 (+1)
    Defense: 6 (+1)
    Speed: 0 (+4)
    Benevolence: 4 (5% Crit, +1 all stats)
    Starter weapon: Windy Spiked Shield (15 damage, +3 Speed)
    x3 HP potion - Restore 100 HP or 20% of max HP, whichever is higher.

    Name and gender: Cube(GuySquared), male
    Personality: Insane, nonsensical, comical, friendly, odd, weird, strange, any other synonym to weird, and 400% dead inside
    Goal: I don’t know have fun?

    Level: 0
    HP: 100
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 2
    Speed: 1
    Benevolence: 0 (1% Crit)
    Starter weapon: Vortex Bearer w/ Luminite Rounds (10 damage)
    x5 HP potion - Restore 100 HP or 20% max HP, whichever is higher.
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    Contemplation of nature, living in the infinite.
    Terraria Character Name:
    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    Benevolence is a measure of spiritual intelligence, and has various effects on people, depending on whether they choose to gain or lose it. Things like destroying creatures will drop your Benevolence and make you a future target, but your heavily increased stats will allow you to cope with it, in theory. Increasing your Benevolence is far better, in my opinion. Not only you gain more Crit strike chance and moderately increased stats, but you don't have the stress of having to continue to lower it.

    0 Benevolence = Your view is unchanged. Below are the bonuses for being kind to travelling beings.

    1 to 4 Benevolence = You gain a 1-4% boost to Crit strike. Your speech is kinder and helpful. At 4 Benevolence, you gain a +1 boost to all stats. This and all further Benevolence boosts stack onto your main stats, and all previous boosts. If you decide to kill anybody when you have 1 Benevolence or more, you'll find you won't be able to, because you're a pretty swell fellow. You gain a 5% increase to total HP.
    5 to 9 Benevolence = You gain a 5-9% boost to Crit strike. Encountering anybody in a Plains area will instantly let you spare them, and will hail you as a saint. At 9 benevolence, you gain a +2 boost to all stats. You gain a 10% increase to HP.
    10 to 12 Benevolence = You gain a 10-12% boost to Crit strike. Encountering anybody in a Forest, Canyon, Desert, Water or Mountain region can be instantly spared. At 12 Benevolence, you gain a +3 boost to all stats. You gain a 15% increase to HP.
    13 to 14 Benevolence = You gain a 13-14% boost to Crit strike. Encountering anybody hostile in a City, or a Dungeon will instantly be sparable. You gain a +4 boost to all stats. You gain a 20% increase to HP.
    15 Benevolence = 15% boost to Crit strike. You can spare anything except bosses instantly. You gain a +5 boost to all stats. You gain the skill 'Incorruptible' which permanently sets your Benevolence to this level. You may enter the Unknown land at this level, which is where your journey to ultimate solace begins. You gain a 30% increase to HP.

    Bonuses for decreasing Benevolence:
    -1 to -4 Benevolence: You gain +2 to all stats when at -4 Benevolence. Deciding to change your spiritual path and start being merciful will increase your Benevolence and cause you to lose the +2 all stats gained by being mean. When at negative Benevolence, monsters encountered should try to either match your fury or try and turn you away from such a path, and sometimes both at once.
    -5 to -9 Benevolence: You gain +4 to all stats when at -9 Benevolence. You won't encounter any Plains dwellers in this bracket because they'll be too sorry that you're probably trying to destroy them all. Cities won't let you in because of your destructive nature.
    -10 to -12 Benevolence: You gain +6 to all stats when at -12 Benevolence. You won't encounter any Desert, Forest, Canyon, Water or Mountain folk because they can't bear your presence. City folk can have their magical barriers broken, but doing so will instantly set you against the whole city; alongside the Plasmaticist practitioners.
    -13 to -14 Benevolence: You gain +8 to all stats when at -14 Benevolence. The sinister Dungeon folk will ask you for your service. You can conduct raids on any remaining cities. However, just because you're on that side, it doesn't mean Rotasma will be your ally... He will personally challenge you once you reach his Dungeon up north, where you may fight him. Rotasma can be fought with higher Benevolence as well, but he will merely regard any individuals like that as good-natured challengers. You learn the skill 'Rage' which allows you to deal 50x your calculated damage for one strike.
    -15 Benevolence: You gain +10 to all stats. You will gain the skill 'Corrupt' which lets you keep your +30 to all stats even if your benevolence is raised, but this skill will be lost at 0 benevolence. You can rebel against the Dungeon folk. You can enter the Unknown land to eliminate the Plasmatic Spectres there, but you will gain 1 Benevolence each turn you take. This can only be done after you've defeated Plasma in combat, however. Plasma will be your ultimate challenge of cruelty, but each of his attacks will increase your Benevolence by 1 every time he lands one. If your Benevolence reaches 0 by either being defeated by Plasma or while lost in the Unknown land, you will lose your bonus stats, and you'll be a likeable person again. Seriously though, who'd go down this path in the first place when it is inevitable that good always takes over again?

    ~Observed and written by PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R.
    Soulplasma is the name given to generalise the substance the Plasmatic' are made out of. Shadowplasma and Lustreplasma have a few differences to soulplasma despite being pitch black and pure light. The exact composition of these three materials is kind of like regular human cells, really, but the cytoplasm and other organelles in our cells are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, and physical pain doesn't do that much either. Most physical attacks are pretty much nullified if they're not fast enough, or not sufficiently hard-hitting. So! To summarise. Soulplasma is brimming with energy due to the plasma and high soul energies the Plasmatic' possess, fused with human cells.
    Shadowplasma is the shadow one would cast behind the light, fused magically with one's own soul and plasma. It is not mentioned anywhere else, but Plasma doesn't cast a shadow, and neither do any of the Shadowspectres. Quite a fine trait for stealth missions. Lustreplasma is slightly different. It does cast a shadow as it is the light, which is perfect for showing your true colors, just like all Plasmatic's. Both Shadowplasma and Lustreplasma give the ability to mess with luminosity of objects via magic. Furthermore, the properties of all three of these materials allow heightened senses, more specfically those of the soul. Both of them are quite hot. How hot it is at a given moment depends on the Plasmatic's ability to control it. The average temperature can be found at a direct correlation to the color of the plasma and the color of a star in the sky In other words, just use a Hertzsprung-Russel diagram, shown below. Blue shadowplasma/lustreplasma should average at 30,000'C.
    [9:11 PM] Ultimadum: He's so hot. :wink:
    But this is just the average, and it can be changed at will. Because of this, Plasmatic's wear armour, gauntlets and armor when walking outside their home habitat so they don't burn it. Alternatively they can lower their bodily temperatures to that of humans, which is possible but the lowest we can go.
    [9:15 PM] PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R: is feeling so hot.
    Levels 0-8 - Plains tier. Practice your kindness by doing nice things for other folk. This tier can be skipped. (0-4 Benevolence)
    Levels 9-20 - Forest, Desert, Canyon, Mountain, Water tier. Continue to spread genuineness to these more advanced folk. (5-9 Benevolence)
    Levels 9-24 - City tier. This tier is on similar levels with the Ruins tier. Dance with the Plasmaticism Leaders, they'd love to perform with you! (10-12 Benevolence)
    Levels 18-27 - Ruins tier. (10-12 Benevolence)
    Levels 20-35 - Dungeon tier. Visit as many dungeons as you like to build your levels up! These folk wanna see happiness too! (13-14 Benevolence)
    Levels 100-200 - Rotasma tier. You're strong enough to fight R0T4T54V3D 4M54LP, Plasma's sibling notorious for being bad at evil. (15 Benevolence)
    Levels 200+ - Plasma tier. You can opt to skip Rotasma entirely and go straight to Plasma, and ask him for permission to go through the Unknown Lands. (15 Benevolence)
    Levels ? - Eldersteel tier. This tier's optional too, but welcome. Eldersteel weapons are some of the best around. (15 Benevolence)
    -1 to -4 Benevolence: Fight and kill Plains folk until you hit -4 Benevolence. A stepping stone to a grander position. Levels 0 to 9.
    -5 to -9 Benevolence: Search out a more advanced area and challenge the people here, who are more challenging than the Plains-goers. If you wish to visit a city now, you find you won't be able to. Levels 9 to 20.
    -10 to -12 Benevolence: Your defiance of natural laws lets you go to cities again. This is a good time to visit any Ruins to challenge various elemental keepers. You can visit dungeons too, and fight bosses. Levels 15-35.
    -13 to -14 Benevolence: After gaining plenty power boosts, you can cause the Dungeon folk to rally behind you. With this status, you can invade any place you like, except the Unknown Lands or Plasma's Stronghold. This is a good way to see how powerful you've truly become. Levels 35+.
    -15 Benevolence: After reaching the top of your game, you can invade Plasma or Rotasma's bases. Alternatively, you can kill your own army. Either way will grant you your premium dungeon where you can lounge about and put on your best dark lord impression or something. Access to the Unknown Lands is possible if you convince Plasma to let you by. Once you do that, you're free to roam there! ...I think. Let's say armies that head too far into the Unknown Lands have their viewpoints change. But it's possible. Very slighty. Probably. Levels 200+.
    Plasmasteel - For the Plasmatic's to wear armor, they needed materials that won't melt from their own temperature. They could reduce their own temperature, sure, but heat like that is an immense advantage in combat. So, regular Iron was taken (telekinetically) and thrown into a Plasmaforge, which heats things up until they're no longer recognisable on the molecular level. The iron would then be fused with negatively charged Hydrogen, making a strange lattice. The operator of the forge would then stabilise the iron with magic (though these days some runestones are used for the same effect) to get Plasmasteel. Plasmasteel is capable of withstanding insane temperatures, even those inside of the hottest stars. The resistance of the material is commendable, although not so much as its resistance to heat. Most mundane materials will scratch or even dent it prodived enough force is against it. It makes for a fair alloying material too, being able to alloy with many mundane elements on the periodic table to give it different traits or mend old shortcomings. It is also renewable, because of Starcore forges created. The world where most Plasmatic Reality events occur orbits a Class O type star, which would have ended its life many millenia ago if it hadn't been for the Plasmatic's. Every now and then, some of them go up to the star to supply hydrogen. Plasmasteel pipes are also inserted into the star to extract all iron molecules in the core, allowing the star to live forever, theoretically. There also is a binary system that orbits every now and then - as RedCreeper keenly observed for himself - which are also Starcore forges.

    Plasma Soulwood - Trees grown where there is an abundance of Plasmatic's is converted to a more resistant and powerful form, thanks to unified spiritual communication to the forest. The wood darkens or lightens, depending on Plasmatic Shadowspectres, Lustrespectres and their communication to the forest. In either case, they take on a shade of blue. Plasma Soulwood is more durable than Plasmasteel, but can catch fire at around 100,000'C. The material does not burn but converts any flames to the color of the wood. However, in this form, it is substantially more likely to split, but it is still a desirable armor material.

    Plasma-related silks - Plasmasteel can also be turned into a silk, as spiders in Plasmatic'-abundant areas will weave webs of Plasmasteel. Travellers don't want to get caught into these, nor do the Plasmatic'. The spiders share a similar sentiment, fortunately, and will free anyone from entanglement.
    Plasma's messages of kindness and equality are not only spread by him. The Old Man Tribe also actively follows his teachings, and inhabit the wild areas. Below is a list of old men for each area.
    Plains - Old man - Has seen everything.
    Forest - Mossy old man - The youngest of the old men, only approx. 400 years old.
    Desert - Sandy old man - The sleepiest old man.
    Mountains - Abominable old man - Misses his children.
    Canyon - Flaming old man - Had it with the flaming bags kids threw at him.
    Water - Old merman/maid - Fit as one of your fairytale princes/princesses.
    Dungeon - Old skeleton - Keeps the dungeons from falling into despair.
    Plasma's Stronghold - Spectral old man - Bringing back old memories.
    Leader of the Tribe - Grand Elder.

    The old men keep any travellers laughing and keep the spirits raised throughout the lands where Plasma is forgotten. They give cause for hilarity and keep it coming all the time. Also because Plasma promised to give Aurora an Old Man Simulator V2, and that he always lives up to his promises. Mostly. *cough dammit plasma donate to aurora* This is why Plasma has so many old men in his world. They are an essential part of the peace.
    Plasmastone - This stone is almost immovable if not magically picked up. The influence of the Plasmatic's has affected the rock in the vicinity as well, giving it a cyan-blue appearance. If stones are placed near another with a gap in between, lightning will arc in between them. Useful for powering large magical constructs.

    Wraithdirt - This dirt has been exposed to the Plasmatic's influence as well. This dirt will grow soul-imbued crops when they are planted on it. This is of paramount importance to the Plasmatic' race as our weapons and constructs can be imbued with soul energy. Instead of killing others, we can harvest Wraithgrass instead. Soul energy can't be consumed - it lasts forever. It can burn, however, and it burns with any of the fires below - standard Plasmatic fire won't affect it.

    Soulfire, Lustrefire and Shadowfire - A Plasmatic can take an ordinary fire, put it in their mouths, and spit it out again. The result will be a fire that burns with warmth. Soulfire can deflect projectiles that would otherwise be an impediment in physical clarity - rain, snow or sand, for instance. Lustrefire casts a shadow in all directions - useful for stealth missions. Just hide the flame itself out of sight and you'll be good. Shadowfire is helpful for declaring one's presence - it casts a lot of light everywhere. All fires are safe to the touch, but will cause the spiritually imbalanced to balance.
    Avi launches herself forward and hits the Plasmaticism Leader square in the face. Pink Boy does a box step with his power pole. The Plasmaticism Leader is shocked by this turn of events. He is 15/10 impressed!

    "Incredible... Never has one of my dancing students came up to me to subdue me like that! Your spirit is even more valiant than I initially expected, Avi... Your blow against me is a perfect symbol of this world's freedom! Oh, and Pink Boy did well too." He falls on his back, and takes a nap on the stage to recover his energy. A few weapons and items fall out of his pockets.

    The rest of the scene continues as normal.
    Phantomsand - Any beaches around heavy Plasmatic influence will take this shadow-blue granular form. In terms of plant life available, it will grow soul-imbued crops similarly to Wraithdirt. It can also be turned into Phantomsandstone, which is a interesting building choice. Phantomsandstone bricks have the tendency to phase in and out of physical existence, letting you wonder at times where you left your house. This can be controlled, fortunately, by applying a charge from Plasmastone to the brick. The ultimate hidden-base material.
    Charged cactus - This specimen of cactus stores both water and plasma, which somehow co-exist together. Cutting these is a pretty dangerous task if you're not a Plasmatic or a similarly resilient entity, as the plasma and water stop co-existing and whatever you use to split the plant is vaporised. It can be safely cut, however, by digging in the Phantomsand around it, which inhibits the flow of plasma and water inside. A top-grade choice for barricades if harvested skillfully. Curiously, this cactus isn't prickly at all, quite safe to the human touch.
    Apparitioglass - Obtained by smelting Phantomsand in a Plasmaforge. This glass is common in magic-based televisions (most commonly the Runevision) or can be used to transfer magical or electrical signals at fast speed, also more compact than Plasmastone. Any magical contraption that needs to see can use this material to visualise the world around it. It is also a fine weapon material, not as brittle as regular glass. If it's shattered, the person doing the shattering experiences visions of the person who smelted it.
    Shadeclay - This malleable clay works like concrete, and if smelted, is a fine choice to bind weapons which are composed of differing materials together. Shadeclay is the perfect material for the creative weapon designer.

    Bonus section - How runes are created
    Get a regular stone (Plasmastone for more powerful runes) and carve out any symbol with your tool or weapon while channeling any type of magic. Not everyone can do this, however, as your weapon or tool needs to actually dent the rock for it to work. In addition, the more proficient you are in a certain kind of magic, the more powerful your stone will be. Plasmastone runes, while rare, are more potent than regular runes. Legend has it - and it has been confirmed - that creating a Plasmastone rune using Plasmaticism magic will grant you insight in the powers of all around you, and at the same time, empower them.
    Level 8 - Rooftop
    Level 7 - Throne room
    Level 6 - Grand study
    Level 5 - Dining room and kitchen
    LEvel 4 - Weapons room
    Level 3 - Games room
    Level 2 - Lobby
    Level 1 - Basement
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    Contemplation of nature, living in the infinite.
    Terraria Character Name:
    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    The Cliche Cult prides itself in all cliche things it does, says and owns. It is part of the sacred Code that we carry these orders meticulously. Before we go into detail we shall give a slightly overdone description of out origins. Well, it started out when Plasma became Emperor of this world. He decided he would spread kindness and hope to the world after the Chaos period ended. Ew, disgusting! By signing the rites to become as far away from Plasma and his comrades as possible, we become the sole source of sacrifice and self-seclusion and sinisterness! Our main goal: To successfully instill entropy into this world, whatever it's called, inside the Plasmatic Reality. And by doing so, we force Plasma to act upon us! We will make ourselves known by the fact that we are not to be trifled with!
    EDIT: Didn't he act already, though? I distinctly remember him coming around last January and asking if we'd like to be supplied with more sinister-looking altars!

    ...Anyway, how about THESE for some rules, eh?!

    Cliche Disciple 1: All Cliche Cultists must practice dark magic, and negative benevolency. I care not for the fact that 'benevolency' might not be a real word, because excessive darkness gives me power!
    Cliche Disciple 2: All Cliche Cultists must make their worships to the Ancient Manipulator, even though he can't actually be summoned and probably has been dead for years. If people watch us worship for so long, they'll get curious!
    Cliche Disciple 3: All Cliche Cultists must say 'God dammit' when screwing up, even if the Bible wasn't even made in the Plasmatic Reality and there is no god in common culture.
    Cliche Disciple 4: All Cliche Cultists must raise their arms up and down in worship, because we say so. Also because it encourages fanaticism.

    May we unite under cliche, and may it arm us with dismay!

    ~Written by the High Cliche Artist.
    Things encountered on the plains area (Lv 0-8):
    Old man (Lv 1)
    HP: 50
    Attack: 1 (+1)
    Defense: 1
    Speed: 2 (+2)
    Benevolence: 2 (Crit strike: 3%)
    Description: Misread the message to go to Plasma's old man simulator and ended up here instead.
    Weapon: Wooden walking stick (Damage: 5)
    Wise (Passive) - Having travelled every corner of Plasma's world, you gain twice your current speed and attack.

    Pair of doors (Lv 1)
    HP: 75
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 3 (+1)
    Speed: 1
    Benevolence: -2 (Crit strike: 1%)
    Description: A magically animated pair of doors who decided that being slammed was fun, so it walked out of its home to share that experience.
    Weapon: Doors (6 damage) (+1 Defense)
    Slam (Active) - Body-slams the opponent. Deals 20% of the opposer's current HP as damage.

    Dirt golem (Lv 1)
    HP: 100
    Attack: 3 (+1)
    Defense: 2
    Speed: 1
    Benevolence: 0 (Crit strike: 1%)
    Description: Originally wanted to teach humans in the Plasmatic Reality what being stepped on feels like, but it forgot how.
    Weapon: Dirt of Fury (5 damage) (+1 Attack)
    Plant (Active) - Punches the ground to make a tree grow. Deals 50 damage.

    Mini-boss - Rain elemental (Level 18)
    HP: 2,558 (556 x 1.15 x [4])
    Attack: 8 (+3)
    Defense: 8 (+3)
    Speed: 8 (+3)
    Light: +++++
    Gray: +++++
    Dark: +++++
    Wind: +++++ (Total = Light + Gray magic / 2)
    Water: +++++ (Total = Wind magic + Light magic + Dark magic / 3)
    Rain: +++++++ (Total = Wind magic + Water magic / 1.5)
    Benevolence: 9 (10% Crit, +15% starting HP, +3 all stats)
    Weapon: Rain Arcanery (15 damage)
    Skills: Shower time (Skill - active) Upon use, increases Benevolence by 1 until the end of the battle.
    Mini-boss (passive) This entity is a mini-boss. Critical hits will only deal x4 damage against it. HP is boosted by x4.

    Mini boss - Wind elemental (Level 18)
    HP: 2,558 (556 x 1.15 x [4])
    Attack: 6 (+3)
    Defense: 8 (+3)
    Speed: 10 (+5)
    Light: +++++
    Gray: +++++
    Dark: +++++
    Wind: +++++++ (Total = Light + Gray magic / 2 + Wind Affinity)
    Benevolence: 9 (10% Crit, +15% starting HP, +3 all stats)
    Weapon: Wind Arcanery (13 damage, +2 Speed)
    Skills: Wind Affinity (Skill - passive) This entity gets 2 bonus proficiency points in Wind magic.
    Mini-boss (passive) This entity is a mini-boss. Critical hits will only deal x4 damage against it. HP is boosted by x4.
    The Plasmaticism Leader shouts 'WELCOME, WELCOME!' 'Citizens of the Ionian world, this is your host, the Plasmaticism Leader! Today, we will discover EXACTLY why Plasma didn't update the Plasmatic Reality in under a week! I have captured footage of Plasma's leisure activities, and I have permission to show everybody!

    >The Plasmaticism Leader turns to a massive curved monitor, and activates it. Footage of Plasma resting his feet on air is played. He is watching the Plasmaticism Leader's show about what Plasma did to not update the Plasmatic Reality.

    'Hey, Michael! You're watching the wrong video!' Plasma fires back. The audience watching bursts with laughter. "Oh, apologies, Plasma. I'll bring up the right video shortly." 'It's fine, I can do many things for humor.' The footage ends. "Now... the REAL footage will be played! Commence the playing of video!"

    >The video shows Plasma on a technological device; a laptop, playing Terraria. 'C'mon, just a bit more... You've searched through a dozen chests and no Aglet...' Plasma's Terraria character slowly dug through the earth with the Nightmare Pickaxe. 'You think Expert Mode would give me more Aglets. Why did 1.3 add THREE more Wooden Chest drops?! I need less Guides to Plant Fibre Cordage!' Plasma is seen wildly swinging a Starfury to light up the ground beneath him. 'At last! A group of chests! I can try my luck again!' Plasma opens three chests on his screen, containing an Umbrella, a Wand of Sparking and a Radar. 'Never mind, there's one more chest... and it WILL contain an Aglet, whether it likes it or not!' Plasma digs to the fourth chest, and opens it. 'THROWING KNIVES!' Plasma yells. 'I suppose I can try another day...' Plasma uses his Magic Mirror. At this moment, his laptop blows up! The audience erupts in laughter. Plasma chuckles to himself. Michael the Plasmaticism Leader turns off the footage. "Well, that's all we have time for today. Stay tuned... if you want to watch nothing, because there's almost no other shows. Good day!" Michael bows; Plasma's Runevision is switched off.
    One thing about the world of Ionia around Plasma's rule is that he loves adventurers. At the start of his regime, he pressed the point of leisure activities taking priority, like decent challenges for adventurers, because by that time, they out-leveled all the others. So, volunteers were chosen to invoke in a kind of magic that keeps you in between the planes of the physical and spiritual, just like the Plasmatic's. They also gained extra powers depending on their favourite element. Nowadays, the Ruins are used for challenges (as intended) places to appreciate ancient magic, and worship spots for the Cliche Cult. Once challenging an Elemental, there are three things that you can potenially gain from a successful outcome.

    1 - Sparing the Elemental by chance will cause you to befriend them, and call on them in battle occasionally too.
    2 - Sparing the Elemental with a 100% chance will teach you their magic and any prerequisites required to cast the magic. This befriends the Elemental too.
    3 - Fighting the Elemental and defeating it/bringing it down to 1 HP will grant you the 'Mini-boss' title which multiplies your HP by 4. This teaches you their magic and prerequisites and also lets them join your team (if they're alive)

    In all cases, you get loot too.
    * = Air.
    D = Dungeon brick.
    + = Path.
    G = Minigame.
    $ = Loot.
    B = Boss, Old Man Reborn.
    L = Lift, takes you up a level or down a level.
    X = player.

    Top level

    Second top level

    Third top level

    Fourth top level
    The Dungeon's initial history was evil, before Plasma became Emperor. There, armed forces gathered to spread the chaos of the Chaos period. Nowadays, they've all pacified under Plasma's rule, but there are a few dungeons that have always been good in nature. There's the Didgeridreamer's dungeon in the Canyon, who channels his powers through dreams and music. There's also Rotasma's dungeon in the Northern Rivers, where he uses bloodmagic to surprising kindness. Then there's the leader of the old man tribe in the Forest, but his name has been lost from this text's memories. The other dungeons are of questionable natures now. Either pirates or bandits or thieves roam their halls. In the Mountains, the Dungeon over there is the location of the Cliche Cult's main base. Their boss changes more often than the other Dungeons, though. These dungeons, like the Ruins, also provide a nice adventure. We hope that this text allows you to appreciate dungeons in all their splendor.
    + = Corridor tile - can move 4 spaces.
    D = Brick tile - can't move here.
    G = Minigame - In this dungeon, you can try to hit targets.
    $ = Treasure room. Things can be gained!
    B = Boss lair - In this dungeon, Nosenoose, the outlaw, is the boss.
    *note: this dungeon is all 1 floor.
    *Other note: encounters get more powerful as you go further.
    "Hello, interdimensional travellers, old people, young people, and everyone else! This is Plasma reporting live, from... a river. I wish you all a happy 2nd in-game day of the Plasmatic Reality forum game! Our top story will certainly give you a thriller for this killer... It's Mane!"

    >A photograph of Mane dominates the screen. He took off his shirt for this shot, warming up his abs in the morning sunlight. He has a scoped .44 magnum in his right hand which is arcing with electricity. The grass beneath is rippling in the wind, along with his hair. All around the world, everyone is exclaiming how sexy he looks.

    "Mane here is the first entity who, with great effort, could become the first minor threat to the Plasmatic Reality's utopia! ...That is, the first one since a few million years, give or take. And if you're asking, Mane, I took that photo while you were dreaming. Anyway, his presence near the city has caused them to stock up on Soulfire torches. They're all getting ready to throw him a welcoming party should he choose to invade. He will also be an integral role in the plot for this game that I may or may not have! Anyway, let me give you all some survival tips to deal with Mane...

    1: Be Bissy and grab a Soulfire Torch from the dungeon. The repeated hits due to the sonic speed will instantly bring him back up to 0 benevolence. BUT WE CANT DO THAT NOW BECAUSE BISSY LEFT
    2: Try to weaken him with large amounts of kindness. If you hit him with enough words of self-worth, he will be more vulnerable to spare.
    3: Just soulfire torches work in general. Slap him with one to raise benevolence.
    4: A Soulfire flask for when he's at a distance.
    5: Give him a hug; hugs are his weakness. He'll probably be skilled at dodging them so you'd better read his movements.

    For the rest of our citizens, you know how to deal with negative benevolencers. Each of you have met the Cliche Cult, right? Just execute the plan we've rehearsed together. Enjoy the rest of your day, folks! Plasma out!"
    + = Corridor tile - can move 4 spaces.
    D = Brick tile - can't move here.
    G = Minigame - In this dungeon, you go on an Easter Egg hunt! ...except all the eggs are made out of gold.
    $ = Treasure room. Things can be gained!
    X = A player's location.
    # = A pressure plate. This will change the dungeon layout or trigger a damaging trap.
    B = Boss lair - In this dungeon, Olivia, the objective occultist, is the boss.
    Magic in Plasmatic Reality is very helpful for all the participants because most of them are technologically derelict, meaning they become very magically advanced in exchange. "But how can magic exist if its very nature defies the second law of thermodynamics?" You happen to ask. Well. As you all know, we have 4 types of spacetime; Universes and Realities, which are what we see with our own eyes; Realities can be thought of as multiverses. The other two types, Dimensions and Illusions, vary in nature. Dimensions contain all the alternate posibilities following quantum theory, and thus are infinite, while Illusions are very different from all of these. There is only one Illusion for every Reality, and they are full of soul energy. When somebody dies in the Plasmatic Reality (which doesn't happen often), their soul is free to wander any plane of existence they want. It also happens to be made of, and give off eternal energy. This energy gets sent to the Illusion; where it can be interacted with any magic user. To help keep the supply of energy brimming, Plasmatic's are also able to give off eternal energy to the Illusion; and also have free travel between dimensions. Which is just as well, because of Ionia's extremely high life expectancy. With science taking off on Earth, how can this be so? Simple. Plasmatic Reality doesn't follow Earth's laws of physics, as we're one of those ones that survived the Big Bang and kept it's primal laws. This article was meant to be informative and entertaining. If you have found it to fall under the category of 'neither' go visit Plasma himself and slap him in the face. Thank you for your time.
    The existence of this ancient class of matter was heavily debated for many years before time. Back then, those who wished to obtain it swore it could never be destroyed. Or at least, that's what they would have sworn if they made it out alive. The Eldergies were not always benevolent. One single Eldergeist has the power to wipe out all life. This is due to the stuff they can manipulate, having ancient transcendental characteristics which are bound to either the same type of stuff or anything else that's older than it. However, there is something that changed their minds. But before we tell you this, we will list all the Elderstuff here.

    Eldersteel - Has metallic qualities. Unbreakable by those who are younger.
    Elderliquid - Has a calm surface, broken by little. Only older things may stay afloat; younger things are sucked in. Younger things may stay afloat with the help of older things.
    Eldermist - Has a misty, shimmering texture. It is used as a barrier, trapping anything that enters into a stasis. Older things are unaffected, which disperse it.
    Elderplasma - Looks like average star matter. It is attracted to anything younger, using the matter to create more Elderplasma. It is repelled by the mere presence of elders.

    So, now that you know how a single Eldergeist can kill anyone, let me tell you a story. The Chaos Period by then has been around for 6.2 billion years. The Eldergies have decided to take things into their own hands, planning to wipe out all life in all realities to stop their barriers from breaking. The Cliche Cult were actually powerful for once and were responsible for most murders, alongside with the Ancient Manipulator's personal cult. However, it was around this time that Plasma succeeded in stopping the Ancient Manipulator, ending the Chaos Period and starting the Cosmos Period. The rest of the Plasmaspectres, achieving their bodies and souls, turned to the Eldersteel Energies. They knew that they were by far older than them, but they decided on a pact. They each swore to make one thing linked to their colour, and they would have total dominion over that thing. They borrowed some Eldergeist spell-books to become more at one with their substance. After finishing, they tracked down the Eldersteel Eternity, the leader of the namesake entities, and asked him to stop, as the Ancient Manipulator is gone. He refused and started to attack. Eldersteel shards were thrown at them. However, Amsator and Amsara blocked them all. Trying to work his way around their defiance, the Eldersteel Eternity tried Elderliquid instead, submerging them all. However, Rotasma and Rotassa kept all of the Plasmaspectres afloat and drained the Elderliquid. Going mad, the Eldersteel Energy tried Eldermist next, surely suspending six of them in complete stasis. Devasma and Devalena, not so much. They dispelled it. The Eldersteel Eternity knew that he would have to use his ultimate tool of destruction; Elderplasma. However, it was repelled by the mere presence of Plasma and Plasmine. Only then, he was willing to listen to their requests. To calm down and enjoy a fulfilling, peaceful life.

    And so, the Eldergies took the Plasmaspectres' speech to heart, and set up residence in the Eldersteel Dungeon they had made, to go back to a humble life of playing cards, and defending what their materials were sworn to defend.
    + = Corridor tile - can move 4 spaces.
    D = Brick tile - can't move here.
    > or < = Speed tile - Due to the insanely long corridors, these will multiply your movement speed by 3 on the turn you touch it.
    0 = Teleporter - takes you to another teleporter in the dungeon.
    G = Minigame - In this dungeon, you fight multiple Cliche Cultists at once, including Bill, Scourge of the Universe.
    $ = Treasure room. Things can be gained!
    X = A player's location.
    # = A pressure plate. This will change the dungeon layout or trigger a damaging trap.
    B = Boss lair - In this dungeon, Guilt, the High Cliche Artist, is the boss.

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    Contemplation of nature, living in the infinite.
    Terraria Character Name:
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