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    1. Well, I create this thread because I wanted to organize a fun game.
    so that's why I wanted to do this:
    last time I was walking around the forum inspecting threads and users
    so I figured why not make a small game that would count all the users of the forum.
    you can find the pseudonyms either

    • on the discord.
    • on the forum
    • in game.
    • on the aurora steam.
    the rules are simple, here they are :
    • the names should be real not invented.
    • it will take more than two pseudonyms and no more.
    • the nickname should not be yours.
    • check that the nickname is not already mentioned.
    • there should be a link to the user's forum home page (or if it is banned or if it no longer exists you don't put anything) or you can put his steam his discord number.
    I will check your posts is if one of its criteria is not met I will put a dislike you have been warned.
    to your keyboard ready to go.

    I start (its users are totally randomly taken I type letters in the search bar and then select a nickname) :
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