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Nov 2, 2020
Oct 15, 2017
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Jun 29, 2002 (Age: 19)
United States
Automotive Technician

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fatima/bigdaddypapi, Male, 19, from United States

Terraria Architect

"Percocet codeine you know how I bleed" Feb 3, 2019

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Nov 2, 2020
    1. bear
      hey could I get your cord I need to dm you smth xaro#2222
    2. Original_Ghost
      dude literally look in my post history
      i can literally show you screenshots
    3. Zach22
      Oh also there is another build i want to transfer. It is the "grave yard" hosting all the beutiful graves of staff and their freedom :D Cords is (3119, 513) Please do every island if you can. If you cant leave out the island farthest to the left
    4. Zach22
      Ok, So btw this is DemonPrancer. The location of my build "tavern" is (1342, 1342)
    5. controlll
      "Percocet codeine you know how I bleed"
      1. xlr8toRR likes this.
      2. xlr8toRR
        -hell, by juice wrld and DMG Mthang (rip) ;)
        Feb 29, 2020
    6. controlll
      I break wiring records in terraria. Who wants smoke?
      1. Melkor likes this.
      2. Melkor
        Jan 20, 2019
    7. controlll
      so I got my report card and I didn't fail. So the grade website was faulty. Done with history
    8. controlll
      i failed modern world btw. I had a C but I screwed up so bad the average didn't make it. :(
      1. Thomas
        I failed Physics in year 11, grades don't matter unless you're year 12
        Jun 20, 2018
        Diekon Radsch likes this.
    9. controlll
      I might fail modern world
      1. Gozeta likes this.
      2. Gozeta
        History is awesome. How are you failing?
        May 27, 2018
    10. controlll
      I'm almost done Auroras first calculator and I lost half my sanity making it. Good day.
      1. Gozeta and ClaraTehKitty like this.
      2. ClaraTehKitty
        You really need to CONTROL yourself
        May 10, 2018
      3. Gozeta
        You mean, "Controlll". xD Spell it right. kek
        Rooting for you Controlll. Keep your cool. You got it.
        May 10, 2018
      4. Gozeta
        Again. I'm real sorry for your loss.
        May 11, 2018
    11. Instinctive
      Beep beep lettuce
    12. controlll
      the only thing in terraria that makes me happy. When people tell me they want to learn wiring :)
      1. Gozeta and Diekon Radsch like this.
    13. controlll
      Im good at wiring cus ima terraria nerd . GG nobs
      1. IsaacM likes this.
      2. Wortal
        Being good at wiring can be good.
        Feb 25, 2018
      3. controlll
        It is i made little to big circuits with logic gates and no one understands at all. Makes me feel smart for once
        Feb 26, 2018
      4. Xronin
        Then there's me who forgets they even exist
        Feb 26, 2018
        Instinctive likes this.
    14. controlll
      Recently we have lost friends from the Aurora community.Due to harassment and bullying.We are allold and should be mature enoughtounderstand
    15. controlll
      I will controlll the world
      1. PsyClone likes this.
      2.  View previous comments...
      3. PsyClone
        the world isn't exactly the best thing to be in control(ll) of
        Feb 1, 2018
      4. controlll
        I want to controlll ships and shoot rockets at things, without killing people that would be cool to see, I will have things no one else does >:) Like a giant google home, mine is to small
        Feb 2, 2018
      5. PsyClone
        Feb 2, 2018
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    Jun 29, 2002 (Age: 19)
    United States
    Automotive Technician
    Terraria Character Name:
    I wanna answer a few questions here actually. Some people ask me why I wire. And why I'm so good at it. Wiring is a great way to take your mind off things. It also passes time well. Why am I good at it. I taught myself how to wire a long time ago. When I was helper I first got into it about a year ago, Jan 2018. I started with small circuits. T flip flop, WSL and SR flip flop. I then got into bigger and harder ones I would never use again. I then expanded my skills and started with making functional displays, then making them automatic. A long time ago I finished my first Addition Calculator project. I've made about 15 at this point. I then just practiced and didn't do much with wiring because I felt like I never had time to do big projects. I said f**k it one day and began doing it seriously. I moved onto cool things like animation, computers. Making Terraria's first multiplication, and double function calculator ever. Which by far is my best project. To this day I still make things no one has ever made before and have reached so far from where i began. Which brings me back to the question why do I wire so much. I love it when I see people go woah, or how in the, it's the things people didn't think were possible in Terraria but are very possible, and the things you can do are awesome period. And I personally think everyone should learn basic wiring. Because I use those to create some of my best creations and its really cool when you do it, and your like. Damn I made this and it works. And it feels good. Then everything becomes light work and you challenge yourself. Then you become good, then great. Maybe one day better then me, and be the best. Everyone has potential if you try and put time into things. Just don't give up and one day. You will be the best at something. I hope someone will be better then me one day. I love what I make, but I lack creativity half the time. I would love to see someone make something that even I would say wow too. There are my answers and a few more information. I hope I made the point clear.