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  1. IsaacM
    I wish to watch you break Clay's knee caps.
    Apr 25, 2019
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  2. PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    Is this going to be a congregation of old forum activists? Might not look like it right now, but I sure hope so.

    Anyway RIP your old status of #1 viewed profiles, now we've both lost something precious on these forums.

    ...Clay I'll send you some kneecap medicine in a bit. Hold on tight, I need to mix it with the chocolate.
    Apr 25, 2019
  3. Clay
    Apr 25, 2019
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  4. ClaraTehKitty
    Idk who did it but I swear when I find out, Im so mad
    May 1, 2019
  5. ClaraTehKitty
    I HAVE 12 CLAY, I had over 2000!
    May 1, 2019