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Terraria server database date and time are 24.09.2021 ~02:08 (+5 minutes)
PHP web server date and time are 24.09.2021 ~09:08 (+5 minutes)

Chat colorName Rank Last login
Clay (Co-Owner) 04.09.2021 14:28:53
Melkor (Associative Manager) 22.09.2021 18:17:42
Luna Eclipse (Administrator) 23.09.2021 10:41:24
Lyseed (Administrator) 23.09.2021 11:15:40
Elin (Moderator) 22.09.2021 13:55:27
Lana (Moderator) 23.09.2021 06:25:56
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Aurora is a fast growing Terraria server powered by unique ideas. Join us in our colorful world for an unforgettable Terraria experience, where your possibilities of having fun reach no limit!