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  1. RedCreeper07

    RedCreeper07 The Last Crimtane Retired

    Oct 11, 2014
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    *Sees post*

    Alright, time to see what plasma has done to my clone. Thankfully this time, I can use my logic to make sure my next cho-

    *Looks through post, and gets disgusted by what plasma did to "me" (aka the unnecessary singing).*

    Well... Wasn't that a waste of time. Meh... It makes no sense explaining that mess, that clone is basically plasma's now. But again, why singing... That artists name. I don't sing!

    *Thinks about the past, when a familiar group of 4 was singing for a semi secretive living.*

    Sigh...... Nevermind.
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  2. CubeGuySquared

    CubeGuySquared Auroran

    Dec 31, 2016
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    the third dimension
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    Vivian, today is only the greatest day of the year, Christmas (That is, assuming you don’t celebrate some other holiday around this time of Earth year.)! So great, in fact, that there is literally a song about how wonderful the season is.
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  3. Pain

    Pain Senior Auroran Trusted User

    May 16, 2015
    Sleeping :3
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    the new guy is cool too, but not as cool as minigames! :D (continue towards the minigames)
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  4. PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R The Elder Plasma Retired

    Aug 10, 2014
    Contemplation of nature, living in the infinite.
    Terraria Character Name:
    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    Update 5.0 of the Plasmatic Reality is out! Changes...
    >Added a revamped combat system for bosses, which adds your own level to your weapon damage! It will be revealed shortly...
    >Added a system for life and death! It will be revealed soon... but not today.
    >Added a symbol for new structures on the map, .!., to mark places like Glue's sandcastles. 1-2 of the characters may be deleted to keep the rest of the map recognisable.
    >Added a Neutral Benevolency mode, which on activation, does not let you lose benevolence on scoring a kill, or increase benevolence on scoring a spare. It is so far a fairly unsatisfying mode so I do not reccomend it yet, but I may add spice to it.

    Holy crap, literally NO ONE but Sehn has moved on this map this update. I'm impressed.
    Bismuth - Went to grow her own crystals.
    Pink Boy - 30
    Fyr - 42
    Mane - 43
    Avi - On her own adventure.
    Vivian - 58
    Agent Storm - Probably feeling too thunderstruck to continue. @SPYHUNTER299
    Noel - 84 (This'll be used when @Chaos-2 comes back)
    Red - 55
    Pain - 75
    Astra - 65 (This number will be used when @Astranium returns)
    ClusterMissile - 2
    Glue - 24
    Mysty - 49
    Gio - 45
    Joseph - Probabaly eating some cunning ham. @Buttonus Caesar
    Cube - 73
  5. PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R The Elder Plasma Retired

    Aug 10, 2014
    Contemplation of nature, living in the infinite.
    Terraria Character Name:
    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    Music - Tranquility

    Gio continues to wander through the forest, gazing in admiration upon the scenery. He noticed that to his left and in the distance, the leaves started taking an autumn yellow hue; this means the Unknown Lands are beyond. But his main curiosity now lied in the Eldersteel Dungeon straight ahead. According to his iRune, severe to impossible encounters live in here, which would make for worthy allies. As he made his journey, a dark blue barrier was becoming more apparent. It had a misty quality, most likely encircling the Eldersteel Dungeon. Through the mist, you saw a figure getting closer, enshadowed but humanoid. It seems a tiny bit jagged in places, as if poorly crafted. Still, it was intimidating in its own right. Gio pondered the barrier. It seems as if it were put up for a reason. He did not feel like experimenting with strange magical barriers, however the jagged humanoid may offer answers.

    [Continue forward to meet the figure] ?100
    [Turned back] %100
    [Tried to explore the Unknown Lands to the West] ?100

    Vivian, Pink Boy, Fyr
    Music -

    >Vivian hits Rotasma with a physics textbook! His Speed is reduced by 4! (22 <- 26)

    >Fyr asks about Rotasma's true stats! Rotasma thinks... "Fyr, I can't tell you. Though I CAN say that my true level is 222 and you'll become more powerful once I get beaten, I cannot mention anything else until you fight me in my throne room. I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait 'till you get more powerful," Rotasma sighs. He is thinking of his true power, wistfully missing it while in this form... His Speed decreases by 5! (17 <- 22)

    >Pink Boy reminds Rotasma about spelling icup... "I know what you get when you spell icup... You get an Apple product that has gone too far! Damn them and their fancy cups with touch screens inside! What're you meant to do with those, spill coffee on the computer?" Rotasma's rant makes him forget the fight. His Speed decreases by 5! (12 <- 17)

    >Rotasmacism Rotater 1 casts Gray Magic on Rotasma! His proficiency matches Rotasma's (+++++++++)! ...Let's say they hit 12 times and beat Rotasma. Let's say he does about 65,000 damage as an approximation.

    >Rotasma has 1/90,000 HP left. His soul leaves the body, and whispers, "Meet me in the throne room."

    >Battle music ends.

    >Vivian gained 10 levels! (12 -> 22)
    >Vivian gained 2 Benevolence! (6 -> 8)
    >Vivian was promoted to Microboss! (x2 HP, crit resistant)
    >Vivian's HP increases to 1,709! (814 x 1.05 x 2)

    >Fyr gained 10 levels! (10 -> 20)
    >Fyr gained 3 Benevolence! (4 -> 7)
    >Fyr was promoted to Microboss! (x2 HP, crit resistant)
    >Fyr's HP increases to 1,411! (614 x 1.05 x 2)

    >Pink Boy gained 10 levels! (12 -> 22)
    >Pink Boy gained 1 Benevolence! (9 -> 10)
    >Pink Boy was promoted to Microboss! (x2 HP, crit resistant)
    >Pink Boy's HP increases to 1,872! (814 x 1.15 x 2)

    Everyone has 10 stat points to spend. Go go go.

    Music - A casual Rotasma encounter

    >The company enters the throne room once more, with Rotasmacism Rotaters 1 and 2, who have clearly enjoyed helping them fight Rotasma. He is waiting for them, laughing in his Transylvanian fashion. Behind him, Plasma jumps out of the piano organ. Rotasma takes 2 steps back in fear.

    Plasma laughs, "Well, Rotasma, I see you've made it back in good time?" Rotasma silently agrees. "And Fyr, Vivian and Pink Boy are still alive! This is excellent news. You're all now strong enough to take on dungeons!" Pink Boy expresses his joy by performing his traditional dance moves. Fyr, though he hasn't yet seen Rotasma's true power, was happy for the fight to be over anyway. Vivian's eyes are imploring either of the Plasmatic's to explain their magic. "Oh, right, yeah it's all for the better for you to know how we can defy thermodynamics with magic. Well, here you go," Rotasma adds.

    Magic in Plasmatic Reality is very helpful for all the participants because most of them are technologically derelict, meaning they become very magically advanced in exchange. "But how can magic exist if its very nature defies the second law of thermodynamics?" You happen to ask. Well. As you all know, we have 4 types of spacetime; Universes and Realities, which are what we see with our own eyes; Realities can be thought of as multiverses. The other two types, Dimensions and Illusions, vary in nature. Dimensions contain all the alternate posibilities following quantum theory, and thus are infinite, while Illusions are very different from all of these. There is only one Illusion for every Reality, and they are full of soul energy. When somebody dies in the Plasmatic Reality (which doesn't happen often), their soul is free to wander any plane of existence they want. It also happens to be made of, and give off eternal energy. This energy gets sent to the Illusion; where it can be interacted with any magic user. To help keep the supply of energy brimming, Plasmatic's are also able to give off eternal energy to the Illusion; and also have free travel between dimensions. Which is just as well, because of Ionia's extremely high life expectancy. With science taking off on Earth, how can this be so? Simple. Plasmatic Reality doesn't follow Earth's laws of physics, as we're one of those ones that survived the Big Bang and kept it's primal laws. This article was meant to be informative and entertaining. If you have found it to fall under the category of 'neither' go visit Plasma himself and slap him in the face. Thank you for your time.

    >Pink Boy, Fyr and Vivian all seem very impressed with this! They look back up to Plasma and Rotasma.

    Rotasma looks around the throne room, "There we have it. I couldn't just drop in the fact that Plasmatic Reality survived the Big Bang in the middle of our mock fight, it'd break all the monotony of it!" he wearily answers. He seems a bit tired. The three found this plausible. None of them wanted to slap Plasma in the face. Which is just as well, because if they did that, their hands would be annihilated and instantly cauterised. Plasma could probably make them grow back if that happened on accident, though...

    Plasma talks to Vivian (and everyone else) about Christmas. "Christmas is a powerful event on Earth which is also popular on Ionia, except here it's called Plastmas. It was named so because I am the equivalent of Jesus Christ to this world. Furthermore, it is a ritualistic event where people put presents under trees to show respect and kindness to one another," he explains. "Anyway, it seems that you guys want to go somewhere...
    "Vivian, as I understand it, you wish to visit the Cliche Cult to give them better weapons and maybe get them to stop being so cliche, correct? Speaking of which, there's a new second-in-command who goes by Bill, Scourge of the Universe. My visit to the Cliche Cult while you were battling Rotasma has informed me that he wasn't originally one of my Plasmaticism Pursuers or other recruits. You guys can find more about him, I suppose, if you defeat him in combat. As for Guilt, she continues to refuse my requests to tea. That is okay though, maybe if you all visit them, she'll change her mind. Anyway, it's all up to you where you wanna go."

    Vivian hasn't changed her mind about visiting the Cliche Cult, now that she's stronger. Pink Boy wished to show the Cliche Cultists his dance moves! Fyr wanted to show them how fast he can be.

    "Oh yeah by the way, Rotasma has prepared rewards for beating his secret fight. Have fun!" Plasma says.

    >Pink Boy obtained Bloodrune staff! (New augment gives +15 damage, +2 Attack and Speed.)
    >Fyr obtained Icy Electric Blood Gloves! (New augment gives +15 damage, +2 Attack and Speed.) (They're still love-ly, don't worry.)
    >Vivian obtained Bloodstone Distorter Shotgun! (New augment gives +15 damage, +2 Attack and Speed.)

    [Asked Plasma to take her to the Cliche Cult's dungeon]
    [Explored Rotasma's dungeon by herself] (This option will take you back to the top floor)
    [Did something else]

    [Followed Vivian and Plasma to the Cliche Cult's dunegeon]
    [Explored Rotasma's dungeon by himself]
    [Did something else]

    Pink Boy...
    [Followed Vivian, Plasma and/or Fyr to the Cliche Cult's dungeon]
    [Explored Rotasma's dungeon by himself]
    [Did something else]

    Some sorcery has happened and there are no percentages today for you three.

    Music - Dungeon (Negative Benevolence)

    >Mane fights the Old Skeleton! He rolls 82, 8, 75, 25, 47, 80, 4! Damage dealt was (25 x 6) x 7 = 1,092! Old Skeleton is at 454/1,546 HP.

    >It is Old Skeleton's Turn! He decides to grab a Soulfire Torch from the walls! He equips it!
    >Old Skeleton decides to summon another old skeleton! There are now two old skeletons!
    >Old Skeleton 1 uses Spooky Stories! Mane's guard was lowered! (-3 Defense, 8 total defense)
    >Conversely, Old Skeletons 1 and 2 get a +3 to Defense! (8 + 3 + 3 = 14 Defense)
    >Old Skeleton 1 fights Mane! He rolls a 79! Mane dodges!

    >It is Old Skeleton 2's turn! He decides to use Purify on Mane! His Light proficiency beats Mane's, with (++++++)! He rolls a 97 and gets a critical strike! Mane is dealt bonus damage due to being a Negative Benevolencer, taking 30 x (5 + 4) = 270 x 4 = 1,080 damage! Mane is brought down to 1/1,010 HP and is fatally wounded!

    Music - Death (Negative Benevolence)

    >Old Skeleton 2 no longer chooses to fight. Instead, he speaks...

    "Mane... The dungeon walls have been whispering your name, calling you for what you are doing. However, it is not too late to turn back on your path. You can find redemption, right here, right now," he soothes. Old Skeleton 1 joins. "Join Plasma's side, Mane, and you'll look back to now, and even your past deeds with no regrets. Being a negative benevolencer is hard work, with little payoff unless you have the skill to fight everyone. Please, join us now."

    It seems like you underestimated these skeletons. They have you in a lock. Perhaps Plasma IS right, you considered... But, you have a goal. You know what it is. And it involves Plasma dying before you.

    ...Oh wait, you have potions. This decision has become easier. But, part of you wonders if you should just leave and attack the city for now. And the part of you that spoke in Plasma's voice suggests giving up the forceful conquest. After all, these skeletons ARE formidable. One of them has a soulfire which you dodged this turn, but he may land it next turn if he survives. However, you could opt to not heal at all, and try to kill Old Skeleton 1 so you can level up and restore your HP.

    The choice is yours.
    Fight - +90 !9 ++1
    Old Skeleton 1: 454/1,546 HP
    Old Skeleton 2: 1,546/1,546 HP
    Magic - Light/Gray/Dark (Even if your magic is inferior, it's a good idea to use some anyway 'cause it's basically extra damage.)
    Deceit - !80 +20 (+80 !20 if Dark Magic was used in the turn)
    Act - Tell the skeletons why you want to be a Negative Benevolencer - ?100
    Ask for forgiveness - +100 (It's never too late.)
    Enslave - !100 - The Old Skeleton is too adept at Dark Magic for success.
    Summon - Mane has no friends or slaves.
    Item - Luck changing potion - change your fate by choosing a % type after drinking
    Plasma-grade potion - Restore all HP. You have 3 left.
    Superior HP potion - Restore 50% HP, drink 2 for all HP
    Rift Potion - Disable every option but acting, using items and fleeing for both of you.
    Spare/Flee - +100 / +100
    i love xenforo
  6. PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R The Elder Plasma Retired

    Aug 10, 2014
    Contemplation of nature, living in the infinite.
    Terraria Character Name:
    PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R
    Music - Plains

    Mysty slams the doors some more. Both the pair of doors and Mysty himself are enjoying it. After they're done, the pair of doors embrace Mysty in a hug, using both doors as arms.

    >Pair of Doors gained 3 Benevolence! (-1 -> 2)
    >Pair of Doors joined the party!
    >Mysty gained a level! (4 -> 5)
    >Mysty gained 1 Benevolence! (3 -> 4)
    >Mysty gains a 1.05x multiplier to HP, and +1 to all stats!
    >Mysty's HP increases to 169!
    >Mysty has a stat point to spend!

    That was fun. By now you have observed that Plains encounters aren't the best for gaining levels, but they're the fastest way to gain Benevolence. Speaking of benevolencer, Mysty was reminded of that Plasmaticism Pursuer whom he lent his own Soulfire to. Perhaps he should get it back from her now.

    [Went back to the City to get his Soulfire Torch] +40 %25 ++25 L10
    [Went in another direction of his choice] ?100

    Cluster, Pain
    Music - Dungeon theme - Active

    + = Corridor tile - can move 4 spaces.
    D = Brick tile - can't move here.
    G = Minigame - In this dungeon, you can try to hit targets.
    $ = Treasure room. Things can be gained!
    B = Boss lair - In this dungeon, Nosenoose, the outlaw, is the boss.
    *note: this dungeon is all 1 floor.
    *Other note: encounters get more powerful as you go further.

    "Oh, yeah, I should probably introduce myself. The name's Smith. Before you ask why, it's because the Cliche Cult erases your memories of your past name and forces you to take upon generic, overused names," he finishes. The rest of the party is sympathetic with him. "Well, Smith, join our cause and we'll help you find your true name," Cluster adds. "It'd be a pleasure," came the reply. The Plasmatic Spectre joins the conversation, "It'd be a good time for me to share my own name, so I don't remain as enigmatic... I am Prisma, and I would still like to be part of your band, Cluster and Pain," she asks. Cluster, Pain, and everyone else are all in agreement. "Yes, by all means, we'd love for you to stay, Prisma. Your Plasmatic' insight will show us the way," Cluster says. Pain chooses to add, "After all, we'd enjoy any Plasmatic' cuisine on offer." The companions continue to walk through the dungeon...

    But, a new arrival approaches! A Mana Golem jumps out of the ground!

    Music - Battle theme

    Microboss - Magic golem (Lv 35)
    HP: 5,620 (2,810 x 2)
    Attack: 15
    Defense: 16
    Speed: 10
    Benevolence: 0 (1% Crit)
    Weapon: Fists of Mana (50 damage)
    Description: A golem made out of pure freaking magic.
    Skills: Magic plant (active skill) Open a void of pure freaking magic under someone's feet to make a tree of pure freaking magic grow underneath them. Deals 600 pure freaking magic damage.
    [Footnote: Does this skill deal pure damage or magic damage? :kappa:]

    >Magic Golem draws a few ethereal breaths.
    >Mirage Tumbleweed tumbles around playfully near your feet.

    Fight - +81 !9 ++10
    Magic - Light/Gray/Dark/Wind/Mirage, or use a skill you own.
    Act - Perform a magic trick, involving a disappearing iRune: +100
    Do a non-magic thing: %50 &50
    Recruit - !100
    Summon - All of your friends are on the scene, except Mirage Elemental and Prisma.
    Item - Use a luck-changing potion. You have 2 right now.
    Spare / Flee - +15 !85 / +100

    Fight - +81 !14 ++5
    Magic - Light/Gray/Dark/Wind/Mirage, or use a skill you own.
    Act - Perform a magic trick, involving a disappearing iRune: +100
    Do a non-magic thing: %50 &50
    Recruit - !100
    Summon - All of your friends are on the scene, except Mirage Elemental and Prisma.
    Item - Use a luck-changing potion. You have 2 right now.
    Spare / Flee - +15 !85 / +100

    Music - None.

    Glue decided to chat with the Old Man Tribe. He sits down with the older-looking card-players. However, to his shock, the old men didn't look that much older than their young opponents! Yet, they still had beards worthy of Dumbledore. He was pondering on why Plasma misspelled his name again, but his attention was drawn back to the Old Man Tribe quite easily. He asks the question, "How is it that you guys are old men but don't look old?" They chuckle warmly, and one with a mohawk and a long beard replies, "Why, it is because of Plasma's influence. The Old Man Tribe are sworn to loyalty to him, as he saved our great ancestor before time, who was also a personal friend of his. When the people of Ionia declared him Emperor, he shared with us all his wisdom and strength. Oh, here, have a free clarity portal potion!"

    >Glue obtained x1 Clarity Portal Potion - On use, teleports the user to within 3 tiles of a place they specify.

    Glue thinks that this has ended on too random a note. However, oddly, he finds that he does not mind this contingency. The other old men and young men look pleased. Mohawk Beard continues, "By the way, I'd gladly accept you in the Tribe, but I'm afraid we have an age requirement of at least 77,888 years of age, oh ho ho!" Glue was fumbling with the Clarity Portal Potion he received, only to almost drop it now. "77,888 years? Surely not in dog years, eh?" He skeptisised. "Oh, we've still got old men around that age! You Earth folk may not be used to it, but here, we are in harmony, and gain an extended will to live! Also, I'd give you a detailed book on our tribe, but it speaks of things you do not yet know. Besides, we have shared plenty." Glue, on hearing this, agreed that it WAS informative. Back into his view, he notices the kids with the toy runes making toy demonic sigils. "Awww, how sweet!" Glue remarked.

    [Continued to chat] +100
    [Withdraw from convo but stay a while longer] %100
    [Used the Clarity Portal Potion to go anywhere he chooses] ?100
    [Join the kids in making toy demonic sigils] ?100
    [Leave the Saloon of Space] +100

    Music - Spawnpoint Music

    Deciding to defy all other exploration options, Cube lounges about in the Spawnpoint he came from. Up until now, spawnpoints were never described by the narrator; this changes today. Spawnpoints are open areas, with supplies hidden in a few chests, and possess magical enchantment of disabling PvP so long as the player(s) remain in the pink space. However, it kicks people out who have been there for 2 turns. Which, Cube noticed, would happen to him if he didn't adventure into the unknown. While this hasn't been described by the narrator either, Cube enjoyed a leisurely inter-reality travel for 3 hours to get here (also enjoyed by everybody else), while being supplied with portal cookies. So yeah, he's itching for adventure!

    >Cube gained x5 HP Potion - Restore 100 HP or 20% of max HP, whichever is higher.

    >Cube wonders when can he start to date Plasma.
    >Cube is impressed with the spawnpoint.

    [Went to any location in the previous post, same percentiles] (Refer to the last update)
    [Stayed in the spawnpoint some more] ?100

    Music - None.

    Red wandered over to the Campfire of Cosiness, looking a bit lost. However, the old men offered him a seat on immediate observation, which he accepted graciously. "So, you want to know where to join the Cliche Cult, eh, Red?" a man with a shaven beard offers. "How do you know my name?! Uh, I mean, yes. Shouldn't be surprised really..." Red remarks. "Yeah, all of us take Plasma's metagame classes. And coincidentally, so did the Cliche Cult once. It is rumored that new Cliche Cultists are coming straight out of Plasma's schools, and have their efforts refocused on all things cliche. How this is done, and how the students make up their minds to go there, Plasma hasn't found out yet. The Cliche Cult have raised a barrier around their base in the mountains that blocks Plasma's omniscience, which is why he hasn't yet learned." He concludes. Red, on hearing this, became a little scared, though at the same time excited; a journey to the Cliche Cult's base sounds like a journey to the unknown. The old men pondered him for a moment. Finally, an old man with a vivid purple beard, speaks up: "You. You are of good heart and strength. You could be able to trick the Cliche Cult into joining them and find their secrets. However, Plasma has heard that the High Cliche Artist has a new second-in-command that is more ruthless than herself. I'd keep close to any friends you have made, if I were you, sonny." Red, renewed at the thought of being young, has his resolve strengthened. Purple beard continues, "If you want to reach their base quickly, you need a Clarity Portal Potion. However, you're not strong enough for a dungeon, although you're capable of handling Cliche Cultists. Perhaps you could gain levels and benevolence here, first?" Red agrees, promising to level up.

    >Red obtained x1 Clarity Portal Potion - On use, teleports the user to within 3 tiles of a place they specify.

    [Continued to chat] +100
    [Teleported away to the Cliche Cult's base right now] D40 %23 &17 !10 ++10
    [Teleported to any other place of his choosing just to psyche us out] ?100
    [Leave the city] +100
  7. dog-moon

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    Terraria Character Name:
    [Followed Vivian, Plasma and/or Fyr to the Cliche Cult's dungeon]

    i feel sad today, dog died

    anyways i'm interested in showing them my dank dance moves, god damn daniel shibidapow FOLLOW ME I KNOW THE WAY
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  8. Manefuel

    Manefuel Nolife Trusted User

    Jan 3, 2016
    Studying, duh
    Terraria Character Name:
    It's too late now!
    I'm no longer a simple human, you fools!
    I've become a monster.
    Monsters don't need any friends, monsters rely on themselves!
    However, this is a good practice round, you've got me all pumped up.
    Say goodbye to your lives now.
    *I choose to fight*
    *I use a Plasma-grade potion*
    *I use dark magic*
    *I attack Skeleton 1*
    *I deceit*
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
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  9. Mysterymage

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    Looks like I'll have to continue on my wa- CYKE!
    Just kidding, Imma go get that torch made of flammable souls. Sounds nice.
    Also, I'll pet my doors, because why not.
    Oh yeah, point in Speed.
    New Total (Bc quik mafs):
    Atk: 3
    Def: 4
    Spd: 4
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  10. Glue

    Glue Baby Auroran

    Aug 2, 2017
    Somewhere Ville
    Terraria Character Name:
    Interestingly Random.
    [Continue to Chat]
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  11. Pyro240

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    Minecraft Character Name:
    "Whew. Finally that's over. Fun, but a little draining." Vivian sighs in relief following the fight, and is happy to have obtained new augments for her weapon from the spooky organ-spawned Plasma. She slides specific parts of the weapon slightly, which closes the space between the two parallel barrel rails, allowing a slot in the top of the weapon for the new mysterious augment. "Thank you for this, Plasma. Now, do you think either one of you could explain how you're able to break fundamental universal constants on a daily basis?" Following this, Vivian beeps menacingly at Rotasma, basically forcing him to finally explain their magical shenanigans..

    Vivian is contented following the explanation and instantly comes up with 4 different ways to exploit that mechanic, if it truely is indefinite. Her face lights up. Shortly afterwards, she requests for Plasma to take her to the Cliche Cult. "Hey, do you think you could bring that carrier ship with us as well? Not like it can't fly to the destination itself, but it'd just be convenient, if you don't mind."

    Vivian also assigns 4 points to Attack (10 -> 14,) 3 to Defense (3 -> 6,) and the remaining 3 to Speed (5 -> 8)
    Lore-wise this could be explained as diverting more of her suit's power to the electromagnetic systems of her weapon, her personal energy field defenses, and to her boots' propulsion mechanisms.
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  12. CubeGuySquared

    CubeGuySquared Auroran

    Dec 31, 2016
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    the third dimension
    Terraria Character Name:
    Minecraft Character Name:
    Not too sure where he is, Cube goes towards the canyon in hopes of getting to Plasma, who has an actual idea of what’s happening. He then realizes he can go even farther and decides to do so.
    [Went South past the Canyon]
    +50 ++50

    P.S. Answer on can I fly?

    P.S.S. Could you put a legend under the map in spoiler form please?
  13. RedCreeper07

    RedCreeper07 The Last Crimtane Retired

    Oct 11, 2014
    No service
    Receiving automated message...




    *While I was listening to the men, my Flaming old man was standing by, doing basically nothing except for playing around with his fire. Suddenly, a little old man came up, like it was a child, and decided to roast a marshmallow near the flaming old man. The flaming old man pushed the little old man aside, in which another old man, which is possibly the parent of the little old man, and is also a chef just to give you insight, angrily approached the flaming old man, and smacked him clean with a frying pan. The reason for a frying pan? Nobody knows. The damage? Plasma's guess.*

    *After the purple bearded old man finished talking, I thought myself in pride that I knew I would be able to play by my own master plan. Then I wondered about my journey. Will I need to fight this second-in-command cultist? Is there other ways to access the barrier without using the potion? Is my plan going to cause astronomical problems? Are those nigh-?

    I literally slapped myself in the face trying to get rid of the questions I had. Then another question popped up. I thought about it for a minute, and then spoke to the purple bearded old man in a voice that brought attention to random citizens.*

    "Before you ask if I'm sounding otherworldly, it's because I am. *Sigh* Look, increasing my benevolence will make me turn into a sore thumb compared to other cultists. The only way I know to get anywhere near a cultist is to drop my benevolence to a negative number. How could-"

    I stopped talking suddenly, replaying what the old men said to me. There's a small crowd surrounding the group near the campfire. I spoke again, more evenly,

    "Actually, let me ask you this. I have no idea if this new plan will work, but I'm going to ask you for 2 choices. Ok?"

    "1. I need someone in this group to join the cliche cult via Plasma's school."

    "2. Otherwise, I need to know if you guys know someone who is wanting to join the cliche cult."

    [Continued to chat] +100
    (([Asked a question] ?100))
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  14. dog-moon

    dog-moon Auroran

    Aug 15, 2015
    Being Alive
    [email protected]
    Terraria Character Name:
    oh brap, i forgot to set my stats.

    I assign 5 each to Defense and Speed.

    here in uganda knuckles lay
    never a dull moment even grey
    i would like to tell you about the queen
    everyone in uganda knows the way

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  15. ClusterMissile

    ClusterMissile Terraria Architect Terraria Architect

    Jul 9, 2014
    The Milky Way Galaxy, Universe
    Wow, 600 damage from a magic plant, huh. Fighting that head on seems unwise... Hmm, I wonder if... Hey magic golem! While I have seen many golem variants in my time, never before have I seen such an ethereal and purely magical being such as yourself. But I wonder if perhaps you have seen sorcery such as this...!
    (Perform disappearing iRune trick)
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  16. Wortal

    Wortal Paper Plane Trusted User

    Feb 18, 2015
    Terraria Character Name:
    Fyr has got to go fast, and thus silently follows the others towars the Dungeon, his caution weakened and confidence strengthened by the pleasant outcome of the battle against Rotasma.
    Fyr leaves 8 points for speed, the remaining 2 go to attack.
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  17. sehn

    sehn Baby Auroran

    Aug 23, 2017
    Terraria Character Name:
    [Continue forward to meet the figure] ?100

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